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10 accommodations inspired by Leave the World Behind

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Leave the World Behind is a book that is making big news, so much so that it has already been defined as a ‘future best seller. In short, the premises are excellent and Rumaan Alam has all the credentials to become a great writer. But that’s not all: it is now official that there will be a movie inspired by the book. It will be directed by Sam Esmail starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. This is all very interesting, but what does Airbnb have to do with it? The idea for the novel was born right in an Airbnb: the story is inspired by Rumaan’s retreat in a remote Airbnb on Long Island.

Leave the World Behind, looking for places with Airbnb

We all have work to do and bills to pay, so I know it can be difficult to prioritize vacations. It’s an extra, an indulgence. But I really appreciate being able to get away with my family, enjoying a break from real life. We live in New York City, so there is nothing better for my family than a vacation in a place with some greenery, some quiet, some fresh air. […] In my personal experience, a little escape gave me the big idea for my book. You can’t always look for inspiration, and sometimes you may be surprised at where you find it.

Rumaan Alam

A family of four people from NYC, Amanda, Clay and their two children, rent a luxury vacation home on rural Long Island. Early into their stay, cell phones, TV, internet, all cease to function. Something is wrong, something big. Suddenly there is a knock at the door in the dark of night. GH and Ruth Washington, the owners of the home, introduce themselves and sleep in the basement suite. They drove in from NYC, they left the city because something terrible had happened.

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Airbnb suggests 10 accommodations based in Italy inspired by the future best seller, to honor the writer. So, whether you are looking for inspiration for your next novel, or you simply need relaxing views, here are 10 Airbnb accommodations in Italy where you can find creative energy, just like Rumaan. The opportunities are varied, there are chalets in the mountains and old farmhouses, cottages in the countryside and tree houses: all ideal solutions to leave “the world behind” – at least for a while.

Aribnb’s 10 suggestions to leave the world behind

  1. Apartment overlooking the Chianti area in the ancient village of Ripostena, in the heart of Tuscany.
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2. Villa on the sea in Sardinia.

Leave the World Behind

3. Ancient 17th century hunting tower in Molise.

Leave the World Behind

4. Elegant cottage in the Lucca hills.

Leave the World Behind

5. Small chalet on the Dolomites.

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6. Historic 12th century farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside.

Leave the World Behind

7. Tree house in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Leave the World Behind

8. Tiny house among the vineyards.

Leave the World Behind

9. Tree house in Monferrato.

Leave the World Behind

9. Stone house on Lake Como.

Leave the World Behind

And where would you feel most inspired to start writing the novel of your life?

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