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3D cosmetics with pure active ingredients

By Monica Camozzi
6 min read

The world’s first 3D cosmetics. Available in travel version. Pure, without additives.

Would you try a 3D cosmetic patch, which you can put on your skin like a plaster, and watch it melt away and get magically absorbed? A patch that will bring pure active ingredients into the dermis, a hundred times more performing than other cosmetics? This patch was created by the Italian chemist Raffaella De Gregoris, and her unique project took twenty years of research. The brand is called Bakel, and their 3D cosmetics have five patents because of their 100% stronger power than traditional molecules. Bakel cosmetics are not only in 3D but also have totally pure active ingredients that are not contaminated by any additives. A miracle? Almost! Great passion and a true vocation for chemistry. 

Raffaella, how did all this come true? 

It was in 2001; when I was doing a postgraduate master in a laboratory, and while I was creating a vitamin E serum, I realized that…there was very little vitamin E in it! It was my first work in a lab, and they asked me, “are you from the land of toys”? At the university, they don’t let you work with raw material dense with active ingredients. And there I said to myself, “I want to create a product only with good ingredients. Because what’s good for you is good for the planet too. I launched Bakel in 2008 with six pure active ingredients. When I say pure, I mean 100% pure, with no chemical additives. 

Raffaella Gregoris

A 3D cosmetic with pure active ingredients. What does that mean?

It means no colorants, stabilizers, perfumes, alcohol, or petrochemical derivatives. Some derivatives might make your skin velvety but then create dryness or skin thickening. They will give you a wonderful velvet effect but are bad for the skin. It is very difficult to recognize synthetic, and plastic derived oil. My products are truly pure and have an expiration date on the packaging. Each product is certified. I get rid of any substance that damages the skin. 

When they tell you “58% fewer wrinkles”, it’s a lie. You can make your skin look ten years younger, but you can’t reduce wrinkles by half. 

Raffaella Gregoris

I spent years at university doing research; I also involved engineers in the 3D cosmetics project. The others fill the cosmetics with preservatives for cost reasons, and eliminating all the additives is not technically easy, but we did it. My products have a completely recyclable packaging; they are Gluten Free and Cruelty-free. Bakel has a 100% transparent list of ingredients INCI to which they dedicate an entire side of the product packaging. Without any doubts and nothing to hide, all Bakel products are composed only of active and clean ingredients.

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What does 3D cosmetics mean?

The 3D project started three years ago. Bakel’s 3D cosmetics are based on the use of a polymer has a three-dimensional skeleton capable of interacting in the solid-state, through the moisture of the skin, with the structures of the skin itself. We have three-dimensionalized micro polymers that release the active ingredient. In this prototype, hyaluronic acid was used: a known ingredient with a scientifically recognized efficacy at the low molecular weight. Basically, hyaluronic acid is “caged” in a stable 3D structure until it is released due to skin moisture.

This mechanism increases its bioavailability (increased absorption and concentration in the various layers of the skin). This is due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is not intermediated by a cosmetic formulation as traditionally intended (e.g., dispersed within a gel), but it is pure and active at the same time. Here too, we are talking about pure ingredients. It can be done with many other molecules that are still in the testing phase. We obtained all the patents this April, and nobody in the world is doing it. 

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How do we choose the right cream?

Our skin depends on environmental, genetic, and hereditary factors. Bakel classifies the skin into six macro areas, which correspond to six serums. 3D cosmetics is an absolute novelty, but the world of pure active ingredients has always been our strength. Our six macro-areas are: dehydration, decreased skin defenses,reduced cell turnover, degradation of elastin and collagen fibers, oxidation caused by free radicals, decrease in oily substances. Each of these areas is characteristic of a different age, and there are products suitable for those ages and characteristics.

For example, Jalu Tech is a very pure low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with excellent penetration characteristics. It ensures and restores the skin hydration, activating an immediate lifting effect. One of the latest innovations is Defense Therapist: a compound with 25 pure active ingredients that strengthen the defenses, normalizing the state of reactivity, redness, or stress of the skin, activating a protective vessel function. 

So is it a matter of money?

The same raw materials have very different costs depending on their quality and purity. I buy the best raw materials, already certified, but I don’t settle for it, so I follow the GMP, Good Manufacture Practice, and I do an additional certifications. If I say that cream is moisturizing, it is because I have done dozens of tests. 

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Are 3D cosmetics and pure active ingredients also for travelers?

Absolutely yes, indeed, they are perfect. When a product is excellent, you don’t need much of it. We have just launched the 20 ml packs. Absolutely innovative because they have no packaging and the ingredients list is in the QR code. It’s proof that our pure active ingredients last a long time, even in a mini format! For travelers, the Thio C serum is perfect: it uses the antioxidant power of vitamin C and should be used for three days, morning and evening. One of Bakel’s best sellers. 

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As I always say, a cream is like mayonnaise; to understand what it contains, you need to look at the first four ingredients. The first or second one is water. In traditional creams, there are also the thickeners, which bind the compound, preservatives without whom the creme could not last long; surfactants, emulsifiers. This combination is not beneficial for the skin and its health. Our 3D cosmetics is a project with immense potential. And pure active ingredients are a form of wellness that every woman should strive for.

And they come in a contamination-proof packaging?

Bakel has always made products with airless packaging. It is a technology that uses a mechanical pump and a container sealed by a piston. This way, the product never comes into contact with air and is perfectly protected from oxidation and foreign contamination. This touchless packaging avoids the risk of possible contamination, also from of COVID 19 perspective. Safe products, with zero unnecessary substances, and that have successfully undergone all the continuous dermatological tests.

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
6 min read

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