A beach designed by Philippe Starck

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Situated in Pampelonne, la Réserve is the beach that Philippe Starck transformed into a dream island.

A place where anything is possible – Saint Tropez, and right here, on the magical bay of Pampelonne, you can find La Réserve à la Plage . Not just any beach, nothing is ordinary when Philippe Starck puts his hands on. The beauty of the place was already wild. But Starck has transformed it into a real jewel where wood, straw, and wonderful fabrics sign a “return to the light and the whimsical original spirit of Saint Tropez.” 

Davanti al mare

This is a place full of elegance, created from dreams, desires, and memories of happy days spent resting in the shade of bamboo reeds.

Philippe Starck

The wonders of Pampelonne. Created by Philippe Starck

Pampelonne is a Celtic name that means five streams. The beach stretches five kilometers from Cape Pinet to Cape Camarat and is a meeting point for celebrities and lovers of a pleasant holiday. 

La spiaggia di Pampelonne

La Réserve à la Plage recalls the original spirit of the myth of Saint Tropez, and it is famous for the frequent visits of the star Brigitte Bardot. But hedonism here is not only the result of the pleasant sight for the eyes. To make Philippe Starck’s beach unforgettable are also the dishes of Eric Canino, chef of the Michelin starred restaurant La Voile in La Réserve Ramatuelle.

Philippe Starck

And the ones by Nicolas Cantrel, chef of La Réserve à la Plage. His dishes are based on wonderful cuts of meat and freshly caught grilled fish, accompanied by vegetables and enriched with local aromatic herbs. Life glides between sea waves, the restaurant, beach shop, and sunbathing. 

Philippe Starck e Michel Rebyer

The founder, Michel Rebyer, wanted to combine glamour and a familiar atmosphere, and he succeeded in it!

La Réserve à la Plage is a place full of elegance created from the sheer charms of life, the best of what human beings can provide. Dreams, desires, memories of happy days, sleeping in the shade of the bamboo reeds, watching the boats pass by, and laughing with friends. It is a place of utmost quality resulting from a unique creative intention, both personal and timeless“.

Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck

Near Philippe Starck’s beach there is B.B.’s villa. 

It’s called La Madrague, which in French means trap. And it has existed since 1958, hidden behind walls covered with wisteria, perfumed by wild herbs, lavender, and maritime pines, at the bottom of the bay des Canoubiers.

La Mandrague

Here Brigitte Bardot lives with her husband, Bernard d’Omale, and a group of animals.   

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