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A carbon-free suitcase

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From trees to PET: everything that makes a suitcase carbon-free 

52 million PET bottles of 500 ml converted into a suitcase. 700,000 trees planted in three years. Take a carbon-free trip out of the suitcase! You can, with  Samsonite, try to make less impact on the environment. 

Un valigia Samsonite carbon free

110 years of history before arriving at the Responsible Journey 

When Jessy Schwayder founded Samsonite in Denver, Colorado in 1910, he could have never imagined that his products would become a symbol of travel and will be carbon-free by 2025. 

After reaching several primates throughout its history, Samsonite decided to minimize its impact on the environment, not only for the Samsonite brand but also for Tumi, American Tourister, and Gregory. 

How was the carbon-free suitcase ideated? 

Samsung advertisement of Eco Collection

Samsonite has launched 500 collections worldwide since 2018 that have featured different kinds of materials: recycled PET, recycled nylon, post-industrial recycled polypropylene, wood waste, and cork.  For example, the company’s Recyclex fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. 

The 1990s products 

Before the carbon-free suitcase, Samsonite made a long way. In 1963, they created the Classic Attaché and it became the emblem of the new generation of businessmen. In ‘74 the Silhouette Blue which, thanks to its wheels changed the lives of frequent flyers. 

The Samsonite Classic Attaché

Three-point locking system and Hardshell Design 

In 1986, Oyster was born, the first suitcase with a three-point locking system, which offered maximum resistance. It sold 140,000 pieces in its first year of life.

The Oyster

In 2008, Samsonite launched Cosmolite, the super strong and lightweight luggage featuring a hardshell design inspired by a shell. The collection won the famous Red Dot Award, an international design award. 

Towards carbon free suitcases: plastic from post-consumer waste 

Lo zaino Securipak

Securipak is the first collection of anti-theft business backpacks with state-of-the-art personal security features. The innovative backpack not only boasts a material resistant to cuts and tears but is also eco-sustainable, made of Recyclex™ fabric, obtained by recycling plastic bottles. S’Cure ECO is the first Samsonite range made of recycled polypropylene created from post-consumer waste. The internal Recyclex™ fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. It also features an integrated TSA closure with a 3-digit combination. 

Commitment for a better future 

Our Responsible Journey’ is how we will accelerate the implementation of sustainable business practices globally to meet our goals

Their efforts focus on increasing the use of sustainable materials and packaging: to develop innovative solutions to ensure products that last and solutions to manage the end of the product life cycle. Samsonite commits to using 100% renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions to become carbon neutral by 2025. 

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