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A New Sustainable Fabric by Eastman and Du Pont

By Sara Stefanovic
2 min read

With Naia and Sorona, sustainability becomes fabric, biodegradable and with a reduced environmental impact. Today we are talking about a new collection of sustainable fabrics that combines Eastman Naia ™ cellulosic fibers and DuPont ™ Sorona® fibers. This combination guarantees sustainable materials and exceptional performance for comfortable everyday garments. The collection will be created with sustainable and bio-based fabrics. The fibers by Naia and Sorona give the garments elasticity without giving up the luxury of a nice drape and a pleasant and soft touch.

A new sustainable fabric

Unfortunately fashion, like other economic sectors, is a source of a lot of waste. So the creation of a new sustainable fabric can only be good news. Sustainability becomes fabric by expanding the future potential of sustainable materials, which can be used by stylists for comfortable everyday casual garments. Eastman Naia cellulosic fiber is the perfect choice for fabrics in womenswear. It offers stylists various types of choices and interpretative possibilities. Naia’s filament yarn transforms fabrics into luxurious, comfortable and easy to care for fabrics. While the Naia staple fiber blends perfectly with other eco-conscious fibers to create supremely soft, quick-drying fabrics that consistently reduce pilling.

The fibers are made with  responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests and plantations. The production process is a safe and closed-loop and solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse, ensuring a a low environmental impact. Additionally, Naia fibers are also biodegradable in fresh water and soil and are compostable in industrial settings.

DuPont supports sustainability

a sustainable fabric

DuPont, on the other hand, has always been committed to creating high-performance renewable materials. The company has a rich history of innovative fibers such as Nylon, Lycra, rayon… Its Sorona® brand — made from 37% renewable plant-based ingredients — offers a high-performing, responsibly sourced material option. DuPont™ Sorona® polymer is a breakthrough, biobased, high-performance polymer that is perfectto follow us in every free moment of the day. Sorona® minimizes the impact on the environment without sacrificing quality and performance. In addition to being extremely soft and supple, it is a USDA certified bio-based product.

We believe collaboration is the only way we will deliver on our promises to the textile industry. Our collaboration with Eastman’s Naia™ branded fibers will allow more apparel brands the opportunity to address tomorrow’s challenges through renewably sourced fiber materials without compromising performance and value.

Renee Henze, global marketing director at DuPont Biomaterials.

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2 min read

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