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A reusable coffee cup lid by Nendo

By Sara Stefanovic
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The concern for the environment is every day more evident; we’ve just learned that the Laptev Sea, in the Siberian Arctic, has not formed new sea ice despite being the proper time of the year. Awareness about these issues is certainly fundamental, but it is even more important to start believing that even the actions of a single person can change the world. In this regard, many bars and restaurants have moved towards a more sustainable type of business management. Many restaurants have got rid of disposable straws and plastic cups in favor of paper cups and straws and reusable metal straws. And it is precisely in this context that Nendo introduced its new reusable cofee cup lid, that can be used whenever you want.

Nendo conceived a new product that suits environmental needs

Nendo is a Japanese design studio founded in 2002 by Oki Sato, who works on design projects globally. The first office was located in Tokyo while the second office was founded in Milan in 2005. The company works with many brands and has won many awards over its 17 years in business.

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Nendo’s latest project is linked precisely to the environmental issue, which is important for both the founder and the collaborators of the studio. We’re talking about my-lid, the reusable lid for take-away coffee cups that was designed for the Japanese convenience store chain Lawson. The coffee cup lid is indispensable in takeout, and not only does its reuse reduce plastic waste, this particular lid’s design allows for greater enjoyment of the coffee drinker. Furthermore, the design of this particular lid also makes it more pleasant for the user to savor the coffee.

Its main feature is the partially domed space on the opposite side of the lip. The coffee’s aroma rises through ventilation holes and is briefly captured beneath the shell, to be enjoyed with the coffee’s flavor, as intended. The lid is double grooved on the inner side to grip and seal the rims of cups in the two sizes provided by Lawson.


We are talking about a product that is made of silicone rubber, a heat-resistant and hygienic reusable material.

The idea is to always carry your lid with you

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A special case for carrying the lid was designed with wide opening not only for easy access to the lid, but to hold the entire cup in two sizes, serving also as a sleeve while the coffee is being imbibed. The case is made of Tyvek, a water-resistant nonwoven polyethylene fabric with low environmental impact, makes the pouch washable and capable of housing the portable lid in a hygienic state.

The project aims to reduce the disposal of the approximately 1 billion plastic coffee lids, equivalent to 2,000 tons of plastic, provided annually at convenience stores.

What do you think about this project? Does this sound like a good idea to decrease plastic production? Let us know in the comments.

2 min read

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