Agronomist: nomadic and non-meme music

By Stefano Nappa
7 min read

Agronomist has recently released his new single “Hype Blog” digitally. A new song that to list with those that brought him back to the center of the emerging artists scene after the never-ending parenthesis with Smania Uagliuns.

The sound of this song can undoubtedly be accompanied by the great international productions that we have included in the Monday Song playlists.

We met Agronomist here in Milan, at Base Mi for a chat between a coffee, a brioche and the beautiful selection of Radio Raheem in the background.

From TrogoDigital to the Travel Experiment through WOW to Hype Blog. Your music is a digital nomad in continuous evolution even before this term arrived in Italy. Where did your latest single come from and what prompted you to create it?

My soul and my thoughts wander nomadically looking for a landing place. This time I landed on the production of the talented RA, which I immediately fell in love with. We were exchanging ideas and music via messages and within hours he was there. All super instinctive, WOW had just come out, so I wasn’t looking for new songs, the piece came to me, then to London, and to East Rome. What drives me the most is the inner desire to talk about what I fail to understand, what I do not accept, and don’t find, right, a daily “struggle”.


We hear a lot of sound research in your songs… How did you choose the basis for Hype Blog and who is behind its release (apart from you)?

I never do actual research, to be “weird” or original, it’s just my tastes. I don’t really like things that are so popular or too heartfelt, that’s all. Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t come up with things that are too similar to others, maybe if I could ,I would be labelable and famous. Behind the production, as I mentioned, there is Raimondo Taibi aka HLMNSRA, Agrigento-Londoner, a friend of mine since I lived in England, who is rocking with rapper Flohio and I’m sure he will continue to be talked about in the future.

On social media, the release of your song was followed by photos of people with signs bearing the title of the song or part of the text. Did you expect it? Even your father felt involved on social media, what is your relationship with him?

I didn’t expect all the involvement, no. I had a lot of fun seeing all the very creative posters they sent me.


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I am grateful to anyone who supports me in any way. My father was one of the coolest. He sent me a picture of him on Telegram, saying he liked the piece and he wanted to participate. I got this picture wearing doctor’s uniform. We have a super easy relationship, we get along well, we haven’t argued since 1996.

What did you want to express with this beautiful video? What does your stillness in the foreground represent?

We wanted to represent the stasis as opposed to the clamor. The immobility in the face of opinion anxiety and the anxiety of appearing with daring actions or with the joke of the moment, which make people talk at all costs. Furthermore, I wanted to represent, by means of the dissolving phrases on the face, the superficiality of some things, which do not last, slipping away after a few days or a season.

In the song you talk about “meme music”, what does it mean?

I talk about music and art with slogan phrases, likable quotes, indie-like phrases, predictable rhymes that please everyone, empty puns. Stuff that has to make you smile. Basically what is most popular. It was a provocation.

Would you ever completely disappear from social media?

Actually, I often do it in a certain way, and I think I will do it more and more often. I still can’t do it completely since I’m not Thom Yorke, I don’t know where to promote my music, otherwise maybe I’d disappear all life long.

Where does the name agronomist come from?

I come from a tiny village called Agromonte. One day, while I was watching a Guatemalan documentary, I had the enlightenment. It was called The Agronomist, but it was about a revolutionary man. 2 + 2 = Agro.

Four places to visit with Hype Blog playing in the background?

A chic but tacky boutique in London, a Russian metropolis while traveling by taxi sipping vodka from the bottle. A random cool place in Milan, arriving with the arrogance of a Lucanian peasant… then the streets of Centocelle at 22.25 with the defiant air of those who don’t care about the curfew, even if only for a few minutes.

Agronomist and fashion… how do you live it, on your social networks you look completely different from other rappers, what do you like and what do you don’t like?

I am a fashion freak, I like to create crazy outfits, compose them, buy dresses, many for women or grandmothers, combine unapproachable things together, fish out, customize. Like in music, I like being just myself and no one else. However, I have no ambition to collect expensive or limited pieces or this stuff, except if I find them in some remote market or basement.

Your lyrics often feature inexplicit references to the love for music but also for women. How can you define your relationship with the other sex and when did you fall in love with music for the first time?

I often frequent women hahaha, just kidding, sorry. I fell in love with music for the first time as soon as I managed to get my hands on a keyboard, in that moment I understood everything, this happened when I was 9-10 years old. And even if It always makes me feel bad, I still lover her like an animal without stopping.


What items can not miss in your backpack?


Headphones for music, a notebook to write ideas and verses down, at least one book, beard oil, a spare boxer shorts well matched with the bandana of the day and the socks of the day.

Have you ever watched Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV? Who would Agronomis face in that ring and paired with whom?

Yes, I watched it every now and then, it was funny. So, I would face two random trappers who don’t even know how to articulate complete sentences and I would take Theophilus London with me, which I really like from an aesthetic, stylistic and musical point of view. We would wear plastic anti-covid goggles, fringed reindeer jackets, underneath bare chested with only shocking pink and electric blue boxers to match the eye makeup, fringed boots a la Randy Savage.

Where do you think this digital music era is taking us?

I don’t have a clue, I hope for a more tangible, human place, with people who smile and sweat. A concrete place, with people and experiences to touch, things to do and places with real instruments. A place where to communicate in person, not only by means of message boards, stories, or in the plastic bubble of the Spotify algorithm without a future.

Given the history of your publications, should we expect a re-mix soon?

I don’t think so, I’m working on too many new things and I want to go back to close and record, play. End the promo that distracts me and refocus on my next projects and those of Smania Uagliuns. But I’m spoiling an acoustic version at most!

Where and with whom do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a forest with bears, goblins and above all fairies, very good at playing synths.

7 min read

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