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An Office Without Space Limits

By Editorial Team
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ufficio senza confini

A year ago working from home was the prerogative of a few, now the situation has definitely changed. Indeed, it now seems clear that remote work is destined to become more and more common. The idea of the office confined between four walls is rapidly becoming obsolete. Today we need an office without space limits, in a world without borders.

To make the most of this new working reality, you need the right tools. Teams need to be able to collaborate without being constrained to a physical location and be able to work in the way that best suits productivity and creativity. The world is increasingly populated by digital nomads, even if confined to their own city living as true urban nomads.

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Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U9310X and Windows 10 Pro: an office without space limits

Ultra light and incredibly powerful. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U9310X is the best option for urban and digital nomads. Windows 10 Pro’s convertible design, features and security enable you to work in an even smarter way, anywhere and with the certainty that your data is safe and sound.

With the power of Windows 10 Pro and next generation processors, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U9310X allows you to be productive in any situation. The convertible design, integrated pen and best-in-class connectivity make this device the ideal tool for an office without borders.

Business notebooks are easy to recognize just by looking at them. They all feature a black/gray color scheme and a robust design, but there are exceptions. The Fujitsu LifeBook U9310X, in fact, is also available in an unusual red color. A 13.3-inch ultralight convertible, introduced in Italy at the beginning of last summer with its clamshell variant, is now also available on the market for consumer users. It is no coincidence that it is also on sale on Amazon in multiple configurations.

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An office without space limits

Lenovo is a majority shareholder in the Fujitsu Client Computing Limited joint venture with 51% of the shares, but the Fujitsu LifeBook U9310X is built in Japan. Here, in fact, are the last factories of the company still active after the closing of the last European plant in August.

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Fujitsu specializes in business machines with advanced security features and the LifeBook U9310X, which is the top of the range of the U-Series, fully sums up the company’s mission. It features proprietary PalmSecure technology, can be configured with Intel vPro processors and complies with the MIL-STD-810G standard, despite being ultra-thin and ultra-light.

Don’t want to give up on the pen?

Can’t live without the pen? You can use LIFEBOOK U9310X in tablet mode and, with the supplied Wacom AES™ technology pen, you can take notes, make sketches or write down an idea so as not to forget it.

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The pen supports 4,096 pressure levels for an experience similar to that on paper and is automatically reloaded when inserted into the appropriate slot in the device chassis. In notebook mode, writing is facilitated by the backlit keyboard, which incorporates a comfortable multi-gesture touch pad.

3 min read


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