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Around the world with four products

By Sara Stefanovic
5 min read

Phileas Fogg does not embody the ideal of the adventurous traveler who travels for pleasure. His English reluctance pushes him to accept the bet of going around the world in 80 days, but he doesn’t leave out of necessity…

As for visiting the city, he did not even think about it, belonging to that kind of English who make their servant visit the villages they pass by.

Jules Verne – Around the World in 80 Days

His cynicism, however, will eventually fade away (against his will) and this journey will turn him into a real adventurer, as well as leading him to find the love of his life. His world tour is a (voluntary) non-stop race against time, between one vehicle and another. But what would Phileas Fogg be like in 2021?

The protagonist of Jules Verne’s novel is a wealthy man with a small fetish, gambling. So we take the liberty of proposing cutting-edge, brand new products, with no expense spared. In addition, we counterbalance the vice of the game with a spasmodic love for photography… He needs proof that he has really traveled the world, after all!

Around the world with four products

All Black Hybrid Jacket 2.0

giro del mondo

One of the main causes of stiff neck in the world is falling asleep on means of transport with the head dangling, without dignity. Whether you take a plane, a train or an Uber, there will always be times when you will want to take your head off and put it on the seat next to you, because you just don’t know where to put it and you can’t rest. All Black Hybrid Jacket 2.0 is the ideal solution.

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Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è neckpacker13-1024x702.jpg

Thanks to its internal hood, with four straps, made of a soft, breathable and inflatable fabric, this jacket takes on the function of a cushion. The neck pillow is removable, easily attachable and detachable from the hood. Its adjustable straps can be customized to perfect the position which is ideal for your sleep mode! The hood is also equipped with an integrated eye mask that blocks any beam that could prove to be an enemy for your rest. You can buy it here (163,93€).

Eco-Friendly Luggage

around the world

The suitcase, of course, is essential for traveling around the world, so we should choose the most sustainable alternative. The hard-shell of the Going Place Eco-Luggage is made from 350 recycled plastic bottles.Rather than relying on virgin plastics, Going Places Eco-Luggage takes existing plastic out of circulation and giving it another 10-20 years of use… especially considering the fact that the recycled plastic case is far stronger than a case made out of virgin plastics.

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Every year the luggage industry uses an estimated 100 billion tonnes of plastic to produce hard-shell travel cases. Designed by passionate travelers who believe in the transformative power of traveling to new places, Going Places shows it’s easy to make a travel case that’s functional, desirable, durable, and sustainable, with no trade-offs. You can find it here at the price of 200.90 euros.

Tic Oral Care & Razor Kit

around the world

Another essential aspect is hygiene. However, containers and travel products often take up a lot of space and are not very functional. Let’s think about how many things it takes to shave… We are sure that Phileas Fogg has no intention of ending up looking like a castaway. So what should we do? We offer you TIC, an extremely elegant kit, with the external dimensions of a flask.

around the world

The TIC comes in two varieties, an oral-care kit, and a male grooming kit, both which fit within boxes that are the same size. Designed for travel, these kits are roughly the size of a wallet, and slightly thicker, making them perfect to slide into your check-in suitcase. The oral-care kit features an external cover that doubles as a drinking tumbler, and an inner kit that has a microporous suction surface that neatly and securely sticks to flat surfaces like tiles, glass panels, or mirrors. The kit opens out to reveal a two-part toothbrush that assembles with a quick snap, and an integrated toothpaste dispenser that works at the push of a button. There’s even space for a bottle of mouth-freshener and a slide-out mirror.

around the world

The TIC oral-care + razor kit works on the same compact principle as the oral-care kit. It, however, switches the mouthwash bottle for a razor handle and an interchangeable blade-head. The blade-head features a three-blade design complete with a lubrication strip that lets you use it directly on your skin. TIC kits keep travel items organized and help avoid single-use items like toothpaste tubes and disposable razors. You can pre-order them here.

Onemo Rucksack + Shoulder Bag

around the world

Photographers know how difficult it may be to transport equipment without the risk of damaging it. For this reason today we are talking about this new camera bag: OneMo. Designed to be modular, functional, expandable, durable, and versatile, the OneMo has an answer for any sort of scenario. The bag comes with a spacious 25L inner that can be infinitely segregated using modular walls, allowing you to carefully pack and secure your belongings. Whether it’s a camera, a microphone, an expensive lens, or just a pair of clothes, these modular walls flex and bend to form the layout you need, changing every time you change your gear.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è OneMo_backpack_holds_all_your_creative_tools-1024x683.jpg

Modular compartments aside, the OneMo even comes with its own detachable storage unit which transforms into a secondary shoulder bag for stuff like drones, lenses, etc. The shoulder bag fits right into the OneMo, but can be removed and carried separately, or independently too, giving you the flexibility to travel with all your gear or carry just the essentials. Use just the shoulder bag for short-range shots, or the camera backpack + shoulder bag for a long shoot spanning 2-3 days – the OneMo gives you the flexibility you need. You can buy it here (183€).

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