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ART&more by glo™: an itinerant kermesse

By Editorial Team
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ART&more by glo is the new project that promotes art and its protagonists. An all Italian nomadic event that started from Naples on July 16, 2021.

A majestic and imposing work of 3,300 square meters, created by 9 famous street artists in collaboration with 12 students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Naples colors the waterfront of the capital of Campania, in Via Caracciolo. The work will be exposed to the public until Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The ART&more by glo project has been realized in collaboration with BAT (British American Tobacco) Italy, a world leader in consumer goods with a multi-category product portfolio.

BAT has also set ambitious objectives in the ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) area. These include: the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2030, the elimination of unnecessary single-use plastic and the exclusive use of recyclable, reusable or compostable plastic packaging by 2025. In 2021, BAT Italia obtained the “Top Employer Italia” certification and also the Top Employer Europe 2021 certification, together with the Top Employer Global certification. BAT Italia also received the Minerva Federmanager ‘Company of excellence for female leadership‘ award. The reality has distinguished itself in the field of gender equality with policies aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities, career recognition and a culture of empowerment for women.

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What is Art&more by glo?

A true artistic alchemy that has given life to a unique work that covers 3,300 square meters of the city’s waterfront. Combining and mixing their styles and creative languages 9 famous street artists in collaboration with 12 students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Naples have created an exclusive work on an exceptional canvas: the street. The project perfectly matches the philosophy of the glo™ brand. “Do not give up on anything” or the possibility of making seemingly opposite paths coexist, without compromise.

The magnificent exhibition in Via Caracciolo will be open to the public until Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The work accompanies citizens – and not only – within a unique artistic experience, which addresses current issues and tributes to the city.

From the unconscious heroes of Cocchia to the labyrinth of Cref; the intrinsic dualism of the self of Zeus40 to the plurality of the individual of El Nigro; from the confrontation of opposing social forces of Shaone to the future of the city drawn in the eyes of Sara by Jorit. The superheroes who fight against the prejudices of Iabo and the inner contrasts of each one of us, expressed in the work of Yele&Tres, mix with the role of technology in today’s sociality, which is told with the contribution of the students.

ART&more by glo™ was created with the aim of supporting art in all its forms

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ART&more by glo™ involves professionals and newcomers. It calls on them to create works in which the contamination of styles and techniques, as well as the bold combinations of color, become expressions of each individual artist. The project during 2021, in fact, will see several Italian cities as protagonists. From North to South, art will move around Italy in various forms and expressions. Moreover, to concretely support the artistic and cultural sector at the end of each exhibition all the works will be registered as NFT and auctioned.

NFT (non-fungible token) digital assets are becoming increasingly important for the art market. These, in fact, guarantee the authenticity of an asset through a blockchain system; they are a kind of incorruptible digital identity card. They allow, therefore, to sell works as collectibles or real works of art, valued according to their uniqueness.

Obviously the proceeds will be managed in a conscious way. It will be entirely donated to associations of the world of art, culture and entertainment.
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We are, at last, in the presence of concrete support for a sector indescribably affected by the events of the last year and a half. BAT, therefore, is committed to supporting this category of workers by helping them face the future with greater support.

The Nartea cultural association, active in the cultural and artistic promotion of the city, was selected in Naples.

BAT is today committed to creating “A Better Tomorrow”, a better future for consumers, for society and for the communities in which it operates, through the reduction of its environmental impact. In this context, our company also intends to play a proactive and proactive role in the post-Covid transition, embracing the challenges of the near future and becoming an active part in the recovery of the country, to contribute to the construction of the new normal.

We are therefore proud to have launched ART & more by glo, a national project to promote art and its protagonists, perfectly in line with the philosophy of the glo brand “Do not give up on anything”, which not only reaffirms the closeness of the company and glo to the world of art but tries, with a concrete commitment, to support a sector that is facing a difficult period due to the pandemic. This is why the proceeds of the work exhibited in these days in Naples will be donated to the cultural association Nartea aimed at promoting culture and art in the city of Naples.

Special thanks go to the city of Naples and its citizens for the warm welcome and to the Accademia delle Belle Arti with its talents as well as to the street artists. They have contributed to the artistic decoration of the waterfront of this extraordinary city, for the benefit of all.

Fabio de Petris, Consumer Marketing Director SEA di British American Tobacco

Let’s get to know better the street artists who worked with the 12 students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

For the occasion, 9 exceptional street artists Jorit, Shaone, Iabo, Zeus 40, Tres&Yele, El Nigro, Cref and Cocchia have joined twelve students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Let’s know them better.

Jorit is an Italian artist specializing in street art, active mainly in Naples. His works represent close-ups characterized by two red tribal stripes on the cheeks.

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Shaone’s artistic figure, instead, is linked to the Neapolitan hip hop group La Famiglia, of which he is founder at the end of the ’80s together with DJ Simi and Polo.

Iabo is a magician of mystery and escape, thanks to his background as a writer. Art for him is ecology, understood as the reuse of creative resources. Zeus40 began to paint with sprays in 2000. He was fascinated by the graffiti that surround the outskirts of his city, so he decided to follow in the footsteps of the great writers of Campania. Tres&Yele amazes for the bright colors that animate the cities, and not only, of Southern Italy. The color combinations recall Kandinskij and Rothko in an urban revisitation. El Nigro has an expressiveness made of very strong and suggestive contrasts. The elegance of the stroke is combined with a neoclassical aesthetic.

Cref ranges between different media: from painting to installation, from graphics to video, a continuous influence of art, design and communication. Finally, Cocchia defines himself as a visual surfer, we’ll let you infer the rest.

Taking part in the ART & more by glo™ project once again allows the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Naples to connect to the territory in cultural and participatory contexts of great social impact.

Through the work of 9 artists from our School of Painting, the saying of art manifests itself including the practices of street art, creating new relationship systems that concern, in this case, the use of language of painting between tradition and experimentation.

Rino Squillante, artistic coordinator of the project and of the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Naples
6 min read


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