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Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021

By Sara Stefanovic
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Man and nature. On Everest trying to solve the mystery of Himalayan mountaineering. A nearly impossible descent from K2 on skis, balancing on a slackline surrounded by the Northern Lights, adventurous biking, running and music… The journey of the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021 to the cinema begins on June 14 from Milan. 11 films specifically selected for the big screen.

When I need to recreate myself I go in search of the darkest forest, the thickest and most impenetrable swamp: here lies the strength, the quintessence of Nature… The vast, wild, terrible mother of us all, Nature.

Henry David Thoreau

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021. Man and nature: a journey of discovery and revelation

Over the years, this constant research and the confrontation of man with nature have given life to unique enterprises, which have now become legend. Adventures that have inspired and inspire generations and encouraging other people to push themselves further. The limit in the search for a unique and elitist relationship with oneself and Nature is increasingly being moved forward.

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What for many is or has been a real physical but also introspective journey, is re-proposed in the form of 11 of the most exciting films dedicated to the world of the outdoors and nature.

From June 14, 2021, the national tour of Banff Italy debuts with the opening night in Milan and continues with stops that will touch all the main Italian cities: Genoa (June 15), Rome (June 17), Turin (June 21), Bologna ( July 5th), just to name a few.

The films tell stories of adventure and exploration, in the mountains, talk about the relationship between man and nature, wildlife, the beauty of remote and uncontaminated places and how much wealth they can transmit to us.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

In The Ghosts Above we follow Mark Synnot’s expedition trying to find an answer to the greatest mystery in the history of Himalayan mountaineering: who was the first to reach the summit of Everest? The journey continues on K2 one of the most feared peaks by mountaineers from all over the world. K2 – The Impossible Descent tells the historic first ski descent made on 22 July 2018 by the Polish mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel.

Riding a mountain bike in Ladhak and Bhutan for an alternative way to visit these countries with Accomplice: the Passport and Madman Trails of Buthan. Exploring mountain ranges in search of new lines that put a strain on endurance.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Pathfinder: Life Beyond Fear captures the magic of a walk suspended on a slackline stretched between two towering mountains in the light of the Northern Lights. This is the mission that 6 slackliners attempt in a remote area of northern Norway.

Finally, the Austrian Eastern Alps become the scene of a surreal undertaking that involves three free riders and a huge airship in Zeppelin Skiing. An unusual and long descent to draw candid curves on untouched slopes.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Find out all the films scheduled for the 9th edition of the Banff Center Mountain Film Festival, clicking here!

2 min read


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