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BiciSito: the bike industry search engine

By Editorial Team
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BiciSito, the new project for all cycling enthusiasts by Taking Off, is finally online. The website developed in collaboration with the bike industry brings together almost 1000 Italian bicycle retailers with a certified workshop. 

Taking Off, a benchmark in the world of the Bike Industry, is among the leading players in the sector as an organizer of exhibitions and events on the Italian territory. They are proud to present their latest bike-oriented project: BiciSito. 

It is an innovative website destined to become a point of reference among all the cycling fans and many more. 


It was born with the intention of bringing together, in one single place, the main Italian bike retailers with specialized workshops, and it offers the end-user the possibility to choose, according to the geolocation or the type of service required, among almost 1000 retailers, all with workshops certified by the main Bike Industry companies. 

The BiciSito search engine is now online 

BiciSito aggregates only the retailers who participate in training courses promoted by the companies. The reason for this is that constant updating is synonymous with quality, professionalism, and effective assistance. 

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Therefore it provides a service of excellence, totally free and available to the consumer. It is, in a nutshell, a search engine for bicycle retailers with workshop. The bike industry lacked a dedicated service that would reward all those businesses that have invested time and resources in qualified training. 

BiciSito project is the result of a long work of comparison carried out in recent months with the leading companies in the bike sector. The information and contacts obtained have allowed the digitalization of an extensive detailed list of companies operating in the territory, a database that will grow even more in the coming months. 

A historical change 

BiciSito’s online presence also coincides with a historical and cultural moment in which awareness of alternative mobility is increasingly being addressed. 


If this trend is combined with the increasing focus on sustainable mobility, it is easy to see the void filled by BiciSito. The search engine covers the entire bike landscape that until now was fragmented into individual websites of the retailers. This is a large website where, with a single click, you can find an exhaustive and qualified list of retailers in your area. 

How does BiciSito work? 

The website is really simple and intuitive. You should just type the location where you want to search for a specialized bike shop in the search box, select the desired service category, and start the search. BiciSito will give you a list of retailers available within a 50km radius from your chosen location. 

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Entering the pages dedicated to the retailers with a workshop, you will find all the contact information, their web sites, social media, and the type of certified assistance services. 

Who is BiciSito addressed to? 

BiciSito is undoubtedly a reference point for all the cycling fans: for all of those who can’t give up their weekly bike trips, those who use the bike for every day commuting and to move within the city, for those who see the two-wheeler as the ideal way of transport for an active holiday. 

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3 min read

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