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Bitcoin Venice Meetup IX edition

By Editorial Team
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Bitcoin Venezia Meetup presents RE-START: a complete overview of the Bitcoin and the Blockchain through the interventions of Ferdinando Maria Ametrano and Davide Carboni.

Re-start: Venice Meetup

RE-START. The Bitcoin Venezia Meetup of Interlogica, featuring the highlights of the best events, returns on Friday, February 28th from 7 pm, with the official opening of the 2020 season. The new year begins in style, with Ferdinando Maria Ametrano and Davide Carboni. From their expert voices an in-depth discussion of the latest Bitcoin and Blockchain news.

It’s easy to say Blockchain

Prof. Ferdinando Maria Ametrano, after having filled the Auditorium to its massive capacity and discussed about the bitcoins as digital gold, will insert the Bitcoins in the history of the coin. In addition, he will analyze the new virtual currency as a reserve asset for new monetary standards and will explore the scenarios that are opening up in the near future.

The second part of the evening will feature Davide Carboni, the CTO of, IT consultant, developer and PhD in Fintech and Neobanking. He will intervene on Blockchain: how, when and why.

It’s easy to say: let’s use Blockchain. When is it really needed and when is it just a marketing tool?

We’ve seen it all: financial applications, food tracking, insurance, real estate, state cryptocurrency, certifications and much more. Re-start will be a very useful opportunity to analyze the various use cases trying to separate the real value from the hype.

1 min read

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