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Blomming challenges Instagram: the social e-commerce of the future

By Editorial Team
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Blomming, the social e-commerce of the future developed in Italy, challenges Instagram. 

Blomming, the Italian Amazon, has evolved into a unique platform that allows three thousand retailers to communicate directly with half a million customers online. 

You can get the best price on the Internet if you buy directly from the merchant.” 

Francesco D’Avella, CEO Blomming 

E-commerce in the days of Coronavirus 

In the e-commerce world, developments follow a frenetic pace, particularly at this critical time of Coronavirus emergency. The latest innovation, in terms of the relationship between buyer and seller, is social media e-commerce. Shopping websites are no longer mere marketplaces where retailers showcase their products. The marketplace of the future is a sort of virtual shopping community where the customer can control all the virtual shelves while following all of the time only the sellers he trusts. On a worldwide level, the top player in this regard is Instagram. The platform, with the recent sale “buttons,” has opened scenarios that were unimaginable until a few months ago. 

Blomming: the Italian counterpart to Instagram 

The Italian counterpart to the social media giant comes from Veneto, more precisely from Storeden. It is a company specialized in developing the software behind the mechanisms of Storeden creates the technological infrastructure behind the shopping websites. Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, and eBay are only some of the most popular websites that use algorithms made in Veneto. They use it to enable the normal online purchases to which the user is accustomed. Every second, about 500 people are using Storeden, without even realizing it. They use it when they fill their shopping cart and then pay for it, before getting the most economical shipment. 

The company founded by Francesco D’Avella recently introduced the very first Italian social e-commerce, Blomming.

It is a marketplace that in the past years had already made a name for itself and gained the loyalty of millions of buyers. In 2010, it was the first Italian e-commerce, but then it lost out to the invasion of huge American companies. The company invested one million euros in developing Blomming, and for this reason, it is now a leader in a brand-new business segment, the social e-commerce one. 

We have managed to integrate approximately three thousand e-commerce stores that use the Storeden coding into one single platform that already boasts about one million buyers a year. Our unique advantage is that we provide retailers with a community of buyers who can follow them directly, or can ask for updates in real-time with just one click, both on new offers and special discounts reserved for them. And that’s not all. We provide small artisans with the ability to create their own online shop in just a few steps, for only 9.99 euros per month. A very small cost indeed in order to enter a shopping mall where over half a million people pass through every year“. 

Francesco D’Avella, CEO Blomming 

3 min read

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