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A Candy that carries your dreams

By Monica Camozzi
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A candy that’s not for eating, because it carries your dreams

Would you like a candy? Yes, please! But this one carries your dreams. Behind the idea is who else but Nendo, the brilliant architecture and design studio founded by Oki Sato. Their “candies” carry your dreams because, like all Nendo products, they have that “wow effect,” something that shakes your right out of the ordinary stuff. Nendo’s candies are pastel stones floating in filigree, and they give a kind of fairytale feeling. 

a candy

Dreams wrapped in the filigree

It is said that the traditional Chinese “Filigree” craft has existed for Millennia. It is an art form consisting of gold and silver filament of a thickness of about 0.2-0.6 mm. Then, these strands are meticulously woven together and transformed into a kind of floating lace. 

A candy

Nendo has taken this ancient art and a symbol of carefreeness – the candy to make a new jewel. An ethereal candy, suspended, blooming like a flower, with a lightness that makes it almost dreamlike. 

A Candy

How was the dreamlike candy born? 

The first step was to deconstruct and re-conceive each component. With a stone captured inside, but still free to move. Caged by metal but free! Like a candy wrapped in paper. From a design concept, the collection represents the relationship between craftsmanship and mass goods, luxury, and casual wear. 

Gli anelli caramella

Candies wrapped in Nendo’s filigree float on earrings, thin necklaces, and fairytale bracelets. The bond with the “normal” candies also reflects in the packaging whose graphic motifs are inspired by real candy wrappings.

Il packaging riprende la carta di caramella in chiave luxury

However, the golden symbols always remind us of the thin line that runs between the luxury design and the everyday objects. Nothing is supreme, and nothing is deteriorating, on the contrary! A beautiful meeting point

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
1 min read

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