Burial and its legendary sound

By Stefano Nappa
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You will surely find Burial near the entry: Elettronic Legend on the vocabulary of your language. All the best hero stories begin in anonymity and Burial’s one is no exception. That he has revolutionized the genre of electronics is obvious, however although it was easy for his talent, it was less so for the listeners.

Before Frank Ocean, before Jai Paul, there was Burial, the first musical puzzle of the 21st century.

Before 2007 what we had was only a reflection of him in a puddle. The one you see below is the only official photo published to coincide with the release of Untrue in 2007. I still remember when Mary Anne Hobbs announced the first piece of Burial at BBC 6…


When Untrue came out, everyone speculated that the producer behind those tracks was either Aphex Twin or Fatboy Slim. Only in 2008 William Bevan was forced to reveal himself to the public. In February of the same year, the English magazine The Independent published an article revealing that he was a pupil of the Elliott School.

The school, which is located in the south of London, also hosted Joe Goddard, the pianist and voice of the Hot Chip, among its desks.

Four Tet along with Jamie XX also attended this same school, in fact we had already mentioned them in the last Monday Song. Burial’s sound has undergone a slight evolution over the years but its impact has never changed. Last week’s release with Blackdown titled Shock Power Of Love confirms this. What’s more is that in recent years, Burial’s sound has become timeless thanks to his remixes. In fact, unfortunately, on YouTube we often also find unofficial ones or simple imitations.

What is the most important selfie in music? There are several, but this one by Burial is certainly the one that has had a greater response, even before the concept of virality. We challenge you to find more photos of the artist posing on the web.

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Burial is a project born against modernity but also incredibly innovative. Here we are talking about sound music and not effects, sets or promotional videos worth millions of dollars.

Its sound is distinguished by its dark and particular style. The refined samples and the echoes outline the typical atmospheres of the metropolis but above all of the Bristol Sound. Often the vocal samples of his songs are taken from some phone calls he makes with some friends or acquaintances.

During the conversation Burial asks someone to sing something and then he records and edits it. Sometimes he also takes single words and formulates new phrases within a song by changing cadence and key.

All his songs are characterized by the rustle, the so-called noise that the player’s needle causes by poking a vinyl while playing.

Burial makes you jump off the edge of darkness without fear. It can help you both when you fall in love with someone and when you try to change your world. Burial is a thrill of genius opera, it is the atmosphere of our time. For this Monday in early May you absolutely have to insert one of his songs in the playlist. Here we have some selections suitable for every emotion, you are spoiled for choice, good listening:

3 min read


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