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Car sanitizing: Alphabet and OCTO

By Editorial Team
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sanificazione delle auto

Alphabet Italia has chosen OCTO as a partner for the implementation of a car sanitizing system. It means a safer car use for drivers and fleet managers.

Alphabet: car and safety

Alphabet is a leader in providing Mobility services. As such, it supports customers with innovative, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. Founded in 1997 as a division of the BMW Group, Alphabet has extensive experience in international fleet management and rental. Alphabet mobility solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of companies, freelancers and individuals. Today Alphabet manages a fleet of over 700,000 cars and light commercial vehicles of all brands; ranks fourth in the world long-term rental market. In addition, it is also a pioneer in the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions. AlphaElectric, for example, offers companies a holistic approach to eMobility.

After the success of Alphabet Care, today the Zero Pensieri offer is enriched with a new important service. Thanks to Alphabet CleanAir our customers can count on extra protection; benefit from an automatic system capable of sanitizing the air in the passenger compartment of the cars, and reducing the bacterial load by 90%. Not only this partnership, which we are particularly proud of, is characterized by a strategic value, but also by a commonality of values; for the attention towards customers. Our path to safe, worry-free mobility is based on flexible, complete and automated solutions; solutions able to simplify the management of a fleet and to represent a great added value, even for our private customers.

Andrea Castronovo, President and CEO of Alphabet Italia
sanificazione delle auto

Car Sanitizing System

The Alphabet CleanAir sanitation service uses the most effective solution on the market. The system developed by OCTO exploits the nanotechnology originally developed by NASA to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi; as well as odors and volatile organic compounds with the aim of making the use of cars safer; whether they belong to company car fleets, short and medium term rentals or corporate car sharing. The OCTO solution uses photocatalysis (PCO – Photocatalythic Oxidation), assisted by a bipolar ionization system. The system, totally odorless, is active and effective for sanitizing both the air in the passenger compartment and the surfaces exposed to contact with passengers; being, unlike other technologies, completely harmless. It also guarantees the absence of negative effects on on-board fittings; as there is no production of ozone or other chemical agents harmful to living beings.

OCTO: a new intelligent telematics era

Founded in 2002, OCTO is today the leading provider of telematics services and advanced data analysis solutions for the insurance industry. It is one of the leading companies offering technological solutions for Fleet Telematics and Smart Mobility. OCTO, in fact, has a unique offer worldwide, capable of growing borders and expanding into new sectors and international markets. With a view to an increasingly connected world, OCTO transforms, thanks to advanced analytical capabilities, its set of Big Data IoT into usable information. Thus, it gives life to a new era of intelligent telematics. Today it has over 5.5 million connected users and the largest global telematics data database. It also manages over 400,000 vehicle rentals per month.

It is an honor to work with a partner and market leader like Alphabet. The primary objective is to protect customers’ health and safety and, above all, to ensure continuity of mobility even during this phase of the pandemic. OCTO’s commitment is to continue to develop innovative and cutting-edge products to make mobility in all its forms ever smarter; aware that economic and social development is based precisely on a new connected, safe and sustainable mobility model.

Nicola Veratelli, AD OCTO Group.
car sanitizing

The car sanitizing device

The small-sized device can be easily installed on any vehicle. It is inserted under the glove box, integrating perfectly into the context of the passenger compartment. Activation takes place automatically when the car starts and constantly sanitizes the environment while driving. At the end of each journey, a complete sanitization cycle is always activated automatically to restore the hygienic conditions necessary for a new use. This way the driver won’t have to do anything but enjoying the journey.

3 min read


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