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Cinematic cocktails, choose your “cinetail”

By Sara Stefanovic
3 min read

Have you ever thought about drinking Into the wild? yes, but we are not talking about holidays… we are talking about the movie! From today we can drink films or, better to say, cocktails that are inspired by them. These cinematic cocktails were conceived by watching films and they try to convey their essence, a transensorial experience from sight to taste. Which “cinetail” would you like to try?

Cinematic cocktails, which movie do you want to drink?

Drinks have actually become an art form in the last few years, a way to express oneself. They are inspired by love, an atmosphere, a memory or a particular moment. The will and, the driving force is to share a thought or a memory with the other. This can be done with taste, do you remember Grandma’s Rossana? we could use them to explain what it was like to arrive at our grandparents’ house and immediately have one of them on the sofa. A Proustian moment that we can share thanks to cocktails.

cinematic cocktails

Cocktail Masters and Carlo Dutto, in collaboration with the Guide to the Best Cocktail Bars in Italy, a free app downloadable at the link have asked some of the best Italian bartenders, women and men, to identify their own, personal, beloved movie to be inspired by. What came out is a pastiche of film and taste, movie cocktails from Quentin Tarantino to the Avengers, dropping by David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick.

The inspiration can arrive at any moment

Films that inspired the use of all the ingredients on the market, recipes conjugated with cognac, tequila, Scotch whiskey, Irish, Kentucky American bourbons, Piedmontese vermouth, English, Roman and Tuscan gins, bitters and bitters, but also vodka, ginger beer, Limoncello Pallini and Liquore Strega, for a new ‘cinematographic geography of quality drinking‘.

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cinematic cocktails

The preparations are more or less simple, to be managed based on our experience with alcohol. Some recipes are to be handled with caution, others instead allow us to dare with taste. Recipes created ad hoc by cinematic bartenders, to experience yourself behind the counter with an eye to the Great Cinema.

cinematic cocktails

Let’s prepare Lo Smeraldo together, a drink inspired by the film Sapore di mare by Carlo Vanzina (1983). Lo Smeraldo was created by the Neapolitan bartener Ugo Acampora, winner of the 2018 Strega Mixology Prize.


  • 4.5 cl Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin infused with blanched lemons;
  • 2 cl lemon juice;
  • 2 cl of spirulina seaweed syrup;
  • Falanghina carbonata

The most suitable glass is the glass of champagne, while the perfect garnish is: spirulina algae crust in powder.


With the shake & strain technique you pour all the ingredients, except the
falanghina carbonata, inside a shaker. Shake for about 10 seconds and pour it all into a champagne glass, filling it with falanghina carbonata.

he drink is called Lo smeraldo because of the very bright color that characterizes it. A summer and fresh variant of the classic French 75 cocktail, this cocktail, which features Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin, is inspired by Carlo Vanzina’s Sapore di Mare, a great classic of Italian comedy, the exaltation of summer.

3 min read

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