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Designitaly and the table/doghouse

By Monica Camozzi
4 min read

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The ‘servizievoli’ (the useful) are born, and the doghouse-table is just one of many…

The architect Sergio Papi has a passion for design and dogs; in fact, he has no less than twelve dogs. For this reason, he created Frida, a human and dog-friendly project. It is one of the “servizievoli” products of Designitaly, a website that offers unique products made-in-Italy and designed by people who love aesthetics and promote it with a great team: world-class digital marketing managers, journalists at 18 kt, a CEO with a background in the banking industry and years of experience in Procter&Gamble.  

The table and dog houseAnd the standing desk.  

They are called “servizievoli” because they are furnishing accessories ideated for specific functions and useful to maintain order. But their unique feature is that they can adapt to the changing needs of modern living. If we could translate the design in a nomadic sense, we would say that the “servizievoli” are the perfect aesthetic lexicon. Sergio Papi’s doghouse-table is the perfect archetype.   

Frida is the logical and fantastic resemblance of two thoughts, two identities.  

Frida is the dictionary of hidden art, the personification of the word beyond, seeing what is secret to the eyes.  

Frida’s quality is very high; it is made with a structure in Canaletto walnut veneer, 40mm thick.

It has double layer cushions: the first upper layer is made of a soft surface, giving it an excellent orthopedic support for the back and offering your dog the maximum comfort, while the second lower layer is a foam mattress.  

The doghouse-table is the epitome of an evolving mindset. 

Designitaly represents evolved thinking put into action. Furthermore, there is a fantastic desk for reading or writing while standing, designed by Valentina Zuendel, an Austrian designer in love with Italy.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Scrivania-per-lavorare-in-piedi--1024x952.png

Moreover, she created the bicycle shelf, a bike that can be transformed into a painting to hang on the wall since our space is evermore limited—a real tribute to the everyday nomadism.  

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Mensola-appendi-bici-1024x711.png

In Italy, art is in the air, and you can breathe it in every corner. 

Valentina Zuendel

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Another example is Buttly, a dress rack made of bent iron tubular. Harmonious and subtle, it accompanies guests in their daily welcome. Buttly is entirely “Made in Italy” and it is designed by Michele Giacopini with the consultancy of MM Company.  

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Il-servo-muto-multifunzione-1024x776.png

Last but not least, All you can seat by Samer Alameen, one of the team members that conceived and founded Designitaly. All you can seat is a modular sofa made with three layers of polyurethane foam and composed of independent elements identical in shape and size. It is so convertible that you can fit it together like a crossword puzzle.  

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Il-divano-componibile-1024x1024.png

The Designitaly team 

A team is defined as such, in terms of excellence, when it tackles the complex reality of our analog and digital world with people with different expertise united together with a well-established leader. And in this case, the team doesn’t lack expertise.  

The founder and CEO of Designitaly is Roberto Ferrari, an expert in digital business and innovation with a career background as Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Mediobanca, former CEO of CheBanca! and marketing director at Procter & Gamble. 

Another member of the team is the renowned figure of Antonio Gnassi, born in 1962, who graduated in London in Information Technology and Business Information System at Middlesex University, where he obtained the chair in “Impact of IT on Society.

Moreover, high value for the team is the collaboration with Samer Alameen, as well as the one with Cristina Morozzi, a “design storyteller” as she defines herself, and real authority in scouting and knowledge of Italian design. She is also the author of several books and insatiable discoverer of beauty. In 2019, she curated the “Leonardo Horse Project” for Ippodromo di Milano – 13 reproductions of Leonardo’s horse in bronze. She wrote the book “Leonardo primo designer” together with Massimo Temporelli, which was published by Hoepli. She is the one who traces the design trends. And we suggest you follow her. 

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
4 min read

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