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Digital health, technology and health

By Sara Stefanovic
3 min read

We have no doubts that technology will increasingly become part of everyday life… But what about the so-called digital health?

Many people are still skeptical about it, especially because they ignore the benefits of combining technology and health. Technology can support us and improve our health in various ways, even outside the hospital. Today we explore digital health thanks to three smart proposals to take care of your health every day, without great effort.

FOCI, a device to boost your concentration

FOCI is a wearable device that aims to reduce distractions and increase concentration. The creation of the British company Tinylogics combines cognitive biometrics with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help you improve concentration. Perfect for people who tend to get distracted easily.

Foci’s technology is based on research showing that breathing is closely related to our cognitive and subconscious states. Taking inspiration from Pixar’s Inside out, FOCI captures moods and transforms them into colored spheres. They will help you visualize and understand the state you are in, telling you what to do to optimize concentration.

The colors:

Yellow: concentration. If you see this color, it means that you are in an extremely productive state and that you should try to keep it as long as possible.

Blue: relaxation. This is the ideal state for meditating or resting. But if you are working, it is the case to increase the concentration you could carry out a more challenging task.

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Purple: fatigue. You have worked too hard and your attention is waning. To restore attention, you can pause work, take a walk in nature or follow the relaxation guide of the FOCI AI coach…

Red: stress. The most dangerous state, the one to manage and stem immediately. How? Identify the source of anxiety, talk to close friends, practice relaxation techniques… FOCI AI Coach can provide you with guidance to relax and live more productively.

Veri, digital health and nutrition

Veri helps health-conscious people achieve optimal metabolic health with just a blood sugar tracking sensor and an iOS app. With Veri, users rediscover the importance of nutrition to achieve stable energy levels, improved cognitive performance, intense workouts and quality sleep.

digital health

Veri was born from the desire to better understand the body, especially the metabolism, whose functioning is still an unknown for many people today. The product aims to help people learn more about this mysterious aspect of the human body. Using only a sensor and an iOS app, Veri is able to offer a 14-day metabolic health program designed to reduce the feeling of fatigue. The app finds the right and wrong foods for you, helps with intermittent fasting and mealtimes, is perfect for optimizing energy levels during workouts and even solving problems related to sleep.

digital health

The sensor is an off-the shelf, continuous glucose monitor used currently mostly by diabetics. This product is designed to bring this state of the art technology to a larger audience pursuing better metabolic health. The Veri app is intuitive and allows you to understand how good habits contribute to metabolic health.

Calmer by Flare, a barrier against noise pollution

Calmer is a one-of-a-kind one-piece hearing aid designed to enhance the audio experience and reduce stress levels by reducing unpleasant sounds, the so-called noise pollution.

digital health

By eliminating the effect of resonance, they dampen common warning noises such as telephone alarms, barking dogs, subway trains, slamming doors and sudden screams. In addition, once worn, medium frequency sounds will no longer bother you. They are made from durable soft touch silicone and are designed to fit all ear canals.

Calmer main use: to lower stress levels by removing the noises that usually keep us nervous (telephone alarms, loud and sudden vocal sounds, dogs barking, etc.) and improve your audio experiences by removing a natural disturbance that is found in our ears.

3 min read


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