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Digital Nomads Lifestyle: How to protect yourself?

By Editorial Team
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«Digital Nomads Lifestyle: No risk, no reward».

Being a Digital Nomad means you have embraced this philosophy and hope to reap the rewards of this lifestyle.  

Traveling. Meeting new people. Immersing yourself in new cultures and learning new languages that you didn’t even know existed. It is easy to overlook the smallest details in this kind of situations. But you can never be sure you’re safe enough when you’re in the midst of all these great things. 

Digital Nomads lifestyle: how to protect yourself?  

Security cannot be overlooked in the Digital Nomads Lifestyle. There is always the possibility of ending up in unfortunate situation. Even Ernest Hemingway, one of the most famous non-digital nomads, has been the victim of a theft. His first wife stole his work during a trip. The briefcase he carried with him, which contained the originals of his literary ingenuity, was stolen from him in a train station, preventing these writings from being honored by the world. If only he had bought something to back up his files to the cloud, perhaps we might have had more Hemingway books to read.  

Always think of the worst  

There are three responsibilities that should not be overlooked in the Digital Nomads Lifestyle. The first one is to take care of your health. There’s no way to appreciate the freedom you get if you don’t stay healthy. The second one is to ensure that your work is safe. There is no way to appreciate the new lifestyle if you cannot maintain it. The third is to protect your equipment and valuables. There is no such thing as Digital Nomads Lifestyle if all of your things get stolen.  

Credit card and passport protection  

To travel you must have a passport and, most likely, a credit card, at least for online purchases. These two essential items for travel and business contain a thing called RFID or radio frequency identification, meaning their barcodes contain private information. If not protected, the barcodes can be stolen without you even noticing. Many credit cards have chips that protect them from this, but better safe than soffy. 

RDIF theft occurs without physical contact. Thieves have their own option of devices that they can use simply by walking next to the victim, without ever touching the card, purse or wallet. The solution? RFID security cases and blocking wallets. 

2 min read

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