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E.ON launches #GreenInternet Day

By Editorial Team
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E.ON launched #GreenInternet Day and eclipsed their website. The aim is to spread awareness about the connection between digitization and energy consumption, as well as to stimulate the discussion on how to make the Internet more sustainable

#GreenInternet Day

On 8 January 2020 E.ON launched the first #GreenInternet Day in response to the outcome of a study commissioned by RWTH Aachen University

The recent introduction of the 5G mobile communication standard will lead to a huge energy demand growht for data centers. 

It is expected that 5G will increase the electricity demand for data centres by up to 3.8 TWh by 2025. That would be enough to supply 2.5 million people with electricity in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund for a whole year. 

The increase in data center construction should meet the growing demand for data processing for: 

  1. Companies that are building their own mobile radio networks. 
  2. Intelligent factories to enable self-propelled robots to communicate with machines and exchange information. 
  3. Consumers, who will use 5G to watch real-time movies instead of downloading them. 

The dramatic increase in demand will also be driven by the recent introduction of the 5G standards for mobile phones. 
To date, 13 billion kWh of energy is being converted into heat in German data centres, which is dispersed into the environment, unused. 
Only 19% of data centres reuse part of their waste heat. Most of the energy is channelled into their buildings for heating and hot water.

The solution to the problem

As part of the initiative, E.ON has symbolically shut down the page of its international website, while on their YouTube channel a video invites viewers to stop watching it. Several artists and influencers have also been involved in spreading the message to their fanbases. 

E.ON‘s ideal is to ensure that existing and new data centers are supplied with energy from renewable or low environmental impact sources, while reusing the large amount of heat generated to heat homes: for this purpose a pilot project has been launched by E.ON in Sweden.  

«Digitalization leads to an increase in data traffic and computing capacity, and therefore to the creation of more data centers. We need to meet the resulting energy demand in a sustainable way and today we can achieve this in an environmentally friendly, and economical way. In Italy, too, in line with our strategy #odiamoglisprechi we offer companies solutions that allow them to reduce their environmental impact and save on energy costs».

Péter Ilyés, CEO E.ON Italy
2 min read

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