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Eco Darling, the story of Evelina Bringheli

By Sara Stefanovic
4 min read

Eco Darling is the revolutionary cleaning technique that implements Nano Silver Technology allowing you to use only water, without the use of any product, to clean your house. During the lockdown, the young woman behind this project, Evelina Bringheli, suddenly found herself having to manage both the house and a child, just one year old, without anyone’s help.

By dint of using traditional chemical products, in addition to taking an important amount of time, she started suffering from an increasingly evident dermatitis and irritation of the hands and skin in general; particularly acute on the fingertips. This prompted her to reflect on the harmfulness (and the polluting rate) of traditional cleaning products. Imagine what impact they have, not only on your skin, but on the whole ecosystem in general, on our seas… From this consideration came the desire to look for an alternative that would allow her to clean in a deep and excellent way, without constantly resort to chemical detergents.

After having tested various products for a long time, Evelina obtained the license to sell Raypath cloths, featuring Hi-Tech fibers enriched with Nano Silver. A whole range of gloves and superior quality products, based on the fundamental use of Nano Silver Technology, now globally renowned for its undisputed ability to clean and sterilize in an excellent way, only using water!

Sustainability is a mindset, when did you realize you wanted to change your lifestyle?

Evelina Bringheli: «It has been a long time since I had the desire to change my lifestyle (or at least to do my best)… making choices that respect Mother Nature and myself at the same time, as much as possible. The definitive turning point, from the point of view of awareness, arrived when I became a mother».

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The impact of household cleaning products is incredibly negative, yet it’s very difficult to find alternatives in supermarkets, why?

Evelina Bringheli: «I cannot consider myself as an economics expert, but I believe that the hegemony of multinationals has no economic interest in reducing consumption! It is up to each of us to make our own choices, consciously. Our products clean perfectly using only water. It is evident how great the potential market loss of multinationals would be and, as well as the economic advantage for those who would prefer our products».

eco darling
Cleaning the house in an alternative way is possible (also thanks to Eco Darling), but is it more expensive than doing it with traditional products?

Evelina Bringheli: «I have to disagree on this point… Since I converted house (and personal) cleaning to the use of our products, I have saved a considerable amount… It can be estimated at least 60% of the monthly budget! A great savings. Without considering the other pleasant collateral savings: time, which is precious».

What would you recommend to a person who wants to be more sustainable? Which is the first step?

Evelina Bringheli: «The first step could be curiosity! It is a journey that must be lived serenely, without stress, let’s say that it is more a “lifestyle” than a challenge. You have to live your own experiences but I’m sure anyone would realize how much better it is in general terms to have a mindful orientation towards these issues… Without extremisms. Because even our choices must be sustainable, in the long term».

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Have you ever experienced so-called ecology anxiety before Eco Darling?

Evelina Bringheli: «Yes, that’s why I suggest calm and a good dose of lightness, even if it is a very important topic».

Do ecological alternatives clean as much as standard ones? Why are many people still reluctant on this issue?

Evelina Bringheli: «Reading the feedback from our customers I can confirm that not only our products work as well as standard ones, but even better.

I think many people are reluctant both because are accustomed to cleaning with traditional products, and therefore satisfied with these methods (alas, harmful), and because big industry has no interest, for now, in making a switch. Therefore, the alternatives are not widespread and are more difficult to find».

Your dream for the future?

Evelina Bringheli: «I would like to be able to encourage more and more people to make conscious choices, respecting themselves and the planet!».

4 min read

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