The beginning of a new adventure

By Tommaso Lavizzari
3 min read

This is the beginning of a new adventure. I would like to thank Monica Camozzi, on behalf of the whole editorial team, for having led the foundation of DNL – Digital Nomads Lifestyle during a very complicated period. Thanks to DNLE Srl, above all, for giving me the opportunity to take the direction of this new editorial creature; that I have seen coming to life and grow since the beginning and that is trying to become a new reference point for all Urban Nomads. A community in constant movement, constantly connected, and growing.

The biggest thanks goes to the team that works daily for DNL – Digital Nomads Lifestyle. In the last period, we have also grown numerically. We hope to expand further, in every sense; it would mean that things are going well. 

This is the beginning of a new adventure. We are at the gates of a new Digital Humanism. A rebirth that will necessarily pass through digitization, the next goal of the world and humanity; sustainability, the last bastion of the planet and humanity; a new lifestyle, always hedonistic, cool, but more careful, technical and essential. The People of Planet Earth are called to a great challenge and, to face it, they will necessarily have to make peace with Nature and defend it to protect themselves.

Humanity will have to keep itself well anchored in memory to project itself into the next digital future.

The future is an unknown for everyone, as Monsieur de La Palice would say. Certainly, the next one will be a future to be invented for many. Every crisis is an opportunity, and, perhaps, it’s no coincidence that DNL – Digital Nomads Lifestyle – has seen the light during this surreal period.

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This is the beginning of a new adventure. We introduced ourselves with Fabio Weik, shouting to the world that we are all Digital Nomads. Through Claudia Barberis, we have told everyone that it is possible to turn your dream into reality, making a career out of your personal attitude. Today, the world seems to be recovering, albeit slowly. Therefore, we decided to represent this moment of transition through Joan Thiele.

Art is one of the sectors most affected by what has happened during the last year, and it will have to face the greatest uncertainties in order to restart.

Music is undergoing a digital revolution, which began some time ago, and has also involved live performances in the last two years. Joan Thiele is a singer, a songwriter, and an artist. Her mother is Italian, her father is of Colombian origin. After spending her childhood and adolescence between Colombia, Canada, the Caribbean, England and Italy, she began her musical career in London. Today she sings in Italian, English and Spanish.

Joan Thiele is a citizen of the World. It’s written in her DNA, it’s told by her story. Her music is rooted in tradition; her productions are projected towards the future. During the month of February 2021, she released a series of new songs collected in an EP entitled: Memoria del Futuro.

This is the beginning of a new adventure. Let’s set sail together with Joan Thiele towards a new World. We will travel aboard the Transatlantico Biancamano from the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia – Leonardo da Vinci, clinging to our memory and projected into the future.

Written by
Tommaso Lavizzari
Tommaso Lavizzari. Freelance Journalist, author and content creator. He was director of Sport Tribune and Soccer Illustrated. He speaks and writes about sports and lifestyle for various magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. He creates editorial content for different brands and companies. He published with Francesco Aldo Fiorentino "SURF. Big Wednesday 40 years later" for Mondadori and "SURFPLAY" per Passamonti Editore.
3 min read

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