We have reached the New World

By Tommaso Lavizzari
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We have reached the New World. After setting sail with the Transatlantic Biancamano, together with Joan Thiele. A New World anchored to the values of the past, enveloped in that digital transition that is now really developing its first cultural revolution.

We have reached the New World. A world still in transformation, uncertain. Afraid of the recent past and eager for freedom. A freedom which is still physically held back, which has found free rein in the digital ocean, plowed by the whole of humanity during the last year, as the only chance of survival.

We have reached the New World. Forcibly, in some respects; inevitably, for others. It was necessary to find a new way. A new horizon to reach. New approaches to socializing. New incentives to work, new paths to feel free, close, and united again. While the body is still and the mind cannot rest.

We are at the dawn of a new Digital Humanism. We have outlined the figure of a new human being, who returns to his nomadic origins, albeit looking for his promised land in the digital world. A cycle has closed, a new era begins.

Digital nomads are returning to travel, once again aware that there are no hard-to-reach places in the web universe

Marco Ferri is a digital nomad. Born in Lodi in 1988, he grew up with two brothers named Stefano and Stefania. Marco, until the age of 18, followed in the footsteps of his father Riccardo – a famous stopper of Inter, Sampdoria and the national team -, attending football schools and dedicating himself to a career in sports. However, once at the crossroads, Marco chose Communication Sciences and a Masters degree from the European School of Economics in London; specializing in International Marketing. While in Miami, to follow an Inter project, he entered the entertainment world, which started his career. Today Marco is an entrepreneur and a content creator. He travels with his team to follow his brands and to tell the world through his own eyes.

I would like to always be on the move. In 10 years I see myself spending three or four months in Italy, three or four months in countries like South Africa, and two or three months in Miami with my brother. I can’t imagine living in the same city all year round, even if I had my own family.

Marco Ferri

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We have reached the New World. The cultural revolution gives birth to the new inclusive and supportive Digital Humanism, characterized by a new sustainable approach towards the Planet. A new way of thinking about life, human relationships, mobility, the relationship with the Planet. A new lifestyle, in short, capable of rebalancing the values of a Humanity now on the abyss.

Written by
Tommaso Lavizzari
Tommaso Lavizzari. Freelance Journalist, author and content creator. He was director of Sport Tribune and Soccer Illustrated. He speaks and writes about sports and lifestyle for various magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. He creates editorial content for different brands and companies. He published with Francesco Aldo Fiorentino "SURF. Big Wednesday 40 years later" for Mondadori and "SURFPLAY" per Passamonti Editore.
2 min read

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