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Eleonora Petrella, I have nothing to wear

By Sara Stefanovic
4 min read

«I have nothing to wear!»

How many times have we repeated this mantra to ourselves in front of a wardrobe full of clothes? Clothes rarely get along with each other, because they express many facets of the same personality which are often contradictory. Who can help us bury the hatchet? Eleonora Petrella, fashion influencer who, in addition to having conquered our hearts, brought a smile to our faces with her book entitled her own: Non ho niente da mettermi (tranne il sorriso) – I have nothing to wear (except a smile). We decided to contact her…

When did you realize that people were in dire need of you? How many wardrobes have you seen explode?

Eleonora Petrella: «Actually it was I who desperately needed people at firts. I started making videos driven by a great desire to communicate in my moment of solitude: so I began to share with other people what I myself had been looking for in previous years. It was therefore a gradual and very natural path: I was asked questions, I answered them… trying to convey notions, good humor and positivity at the same time. Then came people wardrobe’s gratefulness».

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Your adventure in the world of the web has allowed you to get in touch with people who desperately need advice, how do you manage all these requests for help?

Eleonora Petrella: «I do my best by always answering public comments (as they are visible to everyone, they also allow other people interested in similar topics to receive an answer even before posting it) and, as far as I can, to messages and private emails. As soon as I understand that a topic may be of general interest, I make a tailor made video about it».

You moved from the Internet to paper, writing a book that bears a very significant title: I have nothing to wear. We often think this even if we are faced with a closet full of clothes. Why did you decide to write it?

Eleonora Petrella: «It was a dream of mine. I love writing down what I have always told in my videos on paper, it has been a wonderful adventure! The thought of being even more of help to people who share this path with me is really gratifying».

Eleonora Petrella

Was the book difficult to write?

Eleonora Petrella: «It wasn’t an easy task. Being able to be effective and concise at the same time has not always been easy. In the videos I am helped by images, gifs, sounds and facial expressions. Writing the book I had to work hard to find the right words to express the same concepts».

In your opinion, is it possible to stop buying what is fashionable, opting for more flattering clothes?

Eleonora Petrella: «Absolutely yes, not only is it possible but it is also necessary. Flattering clothes can be fashionable, or not. The important thing is not to passively submit to trends but to make them our own».

Can you gives us an always useful piece of advice to avoid style mistakes?

Eleonora Petrella: «Learning to know and appreciate ourselves. Our self-critical spirit often far exceeds the threshold of objectivity and we end up focusing only on the aspects of our body that we don’t like, forgetting all the beautiful things. This mustn’t happen. We should do the other way round: that is, by enhancing what we like best, we should forget what we don’t like».

Eleonora Petrella

The perfect outfit for the smart worker?

Eleonora Petrella: «Starting from what is most noticeable in any video calls, I would say a loose blouse or a nice sweater. Comfortable trousers are also strictly necessary for health reasons. However, I specify that with the terms – comfortable trousers – I do not mean either pajamas or overalls (laughs)».

Holidays are coming, what are the items that cannot be missing in the suitcase?

Eleonora Petrella: «A pair of denim shorts, a basic white t-shirt, a maxi floral dress, a kimono and at least a pair of sandals».

What do you always carry with you?

Eleonora Petrella: «A denim jacket, lots of colored crop tops, different wrap skirts, nude sandals with heels and white sneakers».

Think about a question that no one has ever asked you and answer it

Eleonora Petrella: «Are you happy? Yup».

4 min read


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