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Frank Gallucci: «Cinema plays a fundamental role in my life»

By Sara Stefanovic
6 min read

The Venice Film Festival, alas, has ended. But of this sparkling Made in Italy event we will not only be left with the bickering and fickle chirping of gossip lovers. We have decided to change our approach; we asked a guest to tell us more, a different point of view on the Festival and on cinema in general. Frank Gallucci, an expert in gentlemen’s wear and lifestyle, tells us about his personal Festival. His personal contribution is precious as it opens the doors to a small world that, for most people, remains a mystery.

The Venice Film Festival has just ended and it was a special edition. Did you experience it differently than the previous one?

t was a rather particular edition for obvious reasons… Anyway I would like to congratulate those who organized it, they were courageous to took the responsibility of going on despithe the situation, giving life to the first great event of the year after the pandemic. The atmosphere was very relaxed, of course we were all equipped with masks… Obviously he number of guests was reduced compared to previous years but I have to congratulate the whole organization, everything went well!

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What kind of relationship do you have with cinema, what is the first film you saw at the cinema? What are the best memories you keep related to cinema as a place?

Cinema plays a fundamental role in my life. It is a real obsession and those who follow me on social media know well my movie taste. I am lucky because it is an interest that was transmitted to me by my parents, people with great taste in the field of cinema and music. I remember that as a child, my parents also took us to see challenging films (always taking into account our young age) and from there the passion remained. I go to the cinema at least once a week and I think it can be a great source of inspiration: cinema opens the mind… The great Hitchock said that “cinema is life without the boring moments“, it’s a quote that I like it alot.

What did you decide to wear at the Venice Film Festival and why?

For me the red carpet is a serious thing, for two reasons. The first one concerns the solemn importance that cinema has in my life (it has the power to change my mood or even my perception of some aspects of life). The second one is linked to the fact that that carpet was trodden by great people who made it famous and placed it in Olympus. For this reason I go in a tuxedo trying not to make a mistake.

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The tuxedo does not necessarily have to be black, there are some very nice choices such as burgundy, midnight blue or dark green. Clearly we are talking about jackets that go with black trousers…. I repeat it: the red carpet is a serious thing and I can’t stand those who take it in a superficial way.

What are the items that should not be missing in the suitcase when attending an event of this type?

In this case, I would definitely say a watch that lives up to it (not necessarily an expensive piece; even a very classic vintage piece that goes well with a tuxedo) possibly with a leather strap. The second object is the tuxedo sash; then we have the bow tie and the shirt cufflinks that have to be a little different from the classic business cufflinks, and have to be more appropriate for such an event.

What are the items to absolutely avoid when attending this type of event?

I strongly believe that a fundamental rule of common sense of style must be applied on the red carpet. Wearing socks under the tuxedo (for men of course) must be compulsory. Mind you: sometimes I wear suits without socks too, so I’m not here to be a moralist but there are some occasions where the bare ankle is out of place.

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Dress code is not everything, what makes a public appearance of this type flawless? Tips to avoid faux pas?

The dress code must necessarily be accompanied by an elegant bearing (or at least you have to try). I think that to avoid faux pas we should follow a single rule: simplicity. I know it’s not so fashionable, but I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.

Would you like to act in a movie? If so, what role would you like to play?

I have always been interessed in the actors’ world… I avoid answering in order to avoid making blunders. Having said that, I hope there will be another life to study acting.

Which movie did you like the most during the Venice Film Festival?

I was there on the occasion of Favino’s film Padre Nostro “Our Father”, so I can limit myself to talking about that. It is an intense film, which tells a true Italian story that took place during the Years of Lead. The father of director Claudio Noce, Alfonso Noce, was the victim of an attack by a terrorist organization in which a policeman and an attacker lost their lives. Favino is amazing but it is now a guarantee… He and Accorsi really have more than an edge. I would also add Borghi to this list.

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Il Festival di Venezia rappresenta un qualcosa di unico perché molti fattori confluiscono in un solo appuntamento. La città, che di suo è già speciale, assume una luce diversa; si percepisce un fascino diverso. Questo è il potere del cinema, quel potere incredibile di rendere tutto magico e iconico. Penso fortemente che sia un evento talmente importante e pieno di “heritage” che va rispettato ampiamente sotto tutti i punti di vista partendo proprio da un look appropriato per il “red carpet”. Grazie mille a @giuliagaudino che da anni rimane al mio fianco per questo avvenimento sempre elegantissima, chic e nella sua bellissima naturalezza ❣️ Grazie a @jaegerlecoultre per averci fatto vivere un’esperienza magica. 🎬 @marcolessi / @simpll8 ———————————————————— The Venice Film Festival represents something unique as many factors merge in the same event. The city, which is already special by itself, gets a different light; you feel a different charme. This is the power of movies, that incredible power that makes everything magical and iconic. I truly think it is such an important event and full of “heritage” that it has to be respected under all the points of view, starting from an appropriate look for the “red carpet”. Many thanks to the always classy and elegant in her natural beauty @giuliagaudino who has been for years on my side for this event. Thanks to @jaegerlecoultre for making us live a magical experience. ———————————————————————— #FrankGallucci #proudtobeitalian #Venezia77 #jaegerlecoultre #Churchs @churchs

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If possible, tell us some background of the festival, funny anecdote or experience that has marked you

I have had the chance to take part to many Festivals but I can say that watching the film with the protagonists behind you getting excited is priceless. I was lucky enough to see Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and many others. However, if I have to be honest, the most exciting evening was the one related to the film “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. I must say that that evening there was a different atmosphere than usual and it was felt by all the employees: the photographers, the press, the bodyguards…

They were all very tense because they wanted everything to be perfect. While watching the film, a storm caused the viewing of the film to stop for about 20 minutes. Some people thought that there was a break but in Venice, as in Cannes, there is no break and therefore during this ‘forced break’ both Bradley Cooper and Gaga tried to entertain the spectators.

Nobody got impatient and left and at the end of the film the two protagonists together with Spike Lee stood up in tears thanking the whole room for staying… Also because let’s be honest: nobody had the courage to stand up and leave in front of them.

What do you like most about the Festival?

Venice lights up with a different light. Everything is magical, difficult to explain in words… if you are there you can breathe this air that is so cinematically unreal. The arrival at the Excelsior with the opportunity to meet some director or actor almost becomes reality.

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