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Gastronom: high technology at the service of food

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Gastronom was born in Florence in 2020 and is the result of the synthesis of the culture of the knife in the gastronomic tradition combined with the most advanced technology. The aim was to create an essential and modern product that has evolved from an ancestral tool into a precision instrument for food enhancement. For the first time in the world of cutlery, we have relied on design to study products of great innovation and aesthetics.

Each Gastronom knife is handcrafted and hand-finished to achieve the highest level of quality.
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Gastronom: high-tech tools

Gastronom has chosen N690Co steel for its knives produced in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm. The engineering process carried out by experts has enhanced its characteristics, identifying the thicknesses, the grinding angles and the proper sharpening. All aimed at passing the tests in use even in critical conditions. N690Co steel is characterized by very high quality, excellent technical characteristics and excellent properties. These make it the ideal product for making knife blades and surgical instruments.

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The cook’s tool

Gastronom knives are not a tool, but they are the tool that every cook must-have. Thanks to their features, the cook can understand the consistency, texture, and quality of the material being processed. The first cut releases the aroma and reveals the food’s characteristics, the freshness of fruits and vegetables, the fragrance of bread, the texture of salami or cheese. For this reason, such operations cannot be entrusted to just any knife.

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The details that make the difference

Gastronom creates essential, technological and extremely efficient products. All this is based on the study of the type of cut that each raw material needs in the kitchen. Added to this are some important factors: design, ergonomics and practicality. 

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One of the features that make Gastronom knives unique is the patented system that allows the handle to be released so that the two parts, the metal one and the plastic one, can be cleaned separately. This implies sanitizing each knife better.

The Gastronom models:

  • Total Cut is a versatile, multi-role knife able to carry out most of the preparations in the kitchen. The generous blaze size allows you to perform precise cuts on both small and large parts. The flat wire allows you to keep a perfect sharpness for a long time, even when filleting fish or boning steaks and loins.
  • Heavy Cut is a large, handy and precise shredder. The handle guarantees an exceptional grip even in the presence of water or oil. The height of the heel allows you to make precise cuts avoiding that your knuckles touch the cutting board, making it perfect for most kitchen uses.
  • Green Cut is the ideal knife for vegetables. The back’s generous dimension allows you to comfortably support the palm of your hand to chop or guide the cutting line. The wire is designed to allow maximum penetration without damaging the structure of the leaf or vegetable. 
  • Bread Cut is designed for foods that have a hard outer surface and a soft interior. The shape of the blade allows you to cut the crust bread or the peel of tomatoes or citrus fruits precisely, applying the minimum pressure necessary to avoid crushing. 
  • Fine Cut is designed for precision use in small cuts and engravings, both decorative and dressing. Its shape allows maximum precision in the cleaning, peeling and shaping of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.
3 min read

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