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Google Chrome to work more efficiently

By Editorial Team
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google chrome

Performance improvements and new Google Chrome features for text, links, PDFs, and notifications help you boost productivity and work more efficiently.

Google Chrome: link to highlight

The new “Link to highlight” feature launches on desktop and Android and will soon be available for iOS. It allows you to share a URL for selected highlighted text.

google chrome

This option allows you to highlight the text you want to share, right-click it and choose the appropriate command to copy the link to the highlighted text, which you can then send to a recipient.

When the recipient then opens the link, the exact section of text we wanted to share is displayed.

When opening a PDF file, you can use the new sidebar to scroll through the thumbnails and quickly jump to the specific page, the one we want to view. The new presentation mode also allows you to remove distractions from the screen (toolbars, address bar, tabs).

google chrome

Google Chrome: work better with PDFs

Google has also added other features in Chrome to work better with PDFs. New improvements include document properties, two-page view and an updated top toolbar, which allows you to access the most important PDF actions (zoom, jump to page, save, print, and more) within a single click. These new features are rolling out now.

Now, when presenting or sharing windows in Google’s browser, Chrome mutes all notifications so as to avoid distractions. Upon completion, they reactivate.

Google has also introduced improved browser performance. The Mountain View company informed that recent performance improvements have decreased Chrome’s CPU usage, which means longer battery life, less fan noise and less heat.

Memory management has been improved.

In Chrome for Mac, Google claimed to have seen up to 65% improvement in energy impact. This means up to a 35% reduction in CPU usage, up to 1.25 hours more battery life, with similar results on Windows, Chrome OS and Linux. On Android, Chrome launches 13% faster, even with many tabs open.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Google-Chrome-696x393-1.png

Also, on the topic of performance, Google is launching tab freezing for compressed groups.

This means when groups are collapsed (and tabs are hidden), the tabs inside use less memory and CPU, making your computer quicker. This feature is coming son in the beta version.

Finally, the feature that lets you assign custom names to windows is also being rolled out.

This way, when you switch from one window to another, right-clicking on a tab and selecting Move tab to another window, it is easier to distinguish between open windows and you can find what you are looking for faster.

2 min read


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