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HAAN, cocktail-flavored hand sanitizer

By Sara Stefanovic
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What we most appreciate about cocktails, apart from their flavor (obviously), is their scent, which is capable of transporting us to exotic and distant places. Mixology has become a real art, also thanks to the Lockdown that gave us the opportunity to learn how to do nearly anything at home. What if I told you that there is a product that combines the sanitizing effectiveness of alcohol with the irresistible scent of cocktails? The idea came to the HAAN company.

HAAN is part of a new generation of companies that, by virtue of corporate activism, intend to contribute by becoming the solution to define a more sustainable future for the planet and humanity. In their case this translates into the slogan “Turning Care Around“.

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Founded in 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, HAAN is a personal care and beauty brand that prioritizes social commitment by focusing its mission on giving visibility and fighting against the water crisis.

How do they do it? By donating 20% of its profits to finance water projects in developing countries.

Through years working in fashion, I saw with my own eyes the number of resources and materials that are wasted every day to produce the ephemeral results of short-lived collections. The Fashion sector is the second most polluting industry in the world. Together with my partner, Hugo Rovira, we felt the need to try to create a brand that would show that things can be done differently… and to communicate with our clients and consumers to make them part of a community with shared values.

Eric Armengou, co-founder and co-owner of HAAN

The idea was born after a trip to the United States. HAAN founders discovered the usefulness and versatility of hand sanitizers, which were widespread in pre-Covid America. The idea had impressed them, but it wasn’t the same for the products, they both felt there was a huge room for improvement in terms of presentation and design. After a year and a half of developing its own formula and packaging design, with the help of professionals, the brand launched the first units of HAAN Pocket, in September 2019.

Changing the game for a better future

I feel proud to be able to say that with HAAN we are working every day to achieve these goals. Since our beginnings, we have differentiated ourselves from our competition with a product that offers functionality, quality, hydration and design, with an operating model focused on defining a better future for the planet and society.

Eric Armengou, co-founder and co-owner of HAAN

HAAN’s proposal is sustainable as it relies on the 4Rs of sustainability.

  1. Rethink. Understanding personal care and beauty in a current key, they manage to give a twist to an act as common as applying hand sanitizer.
  2. Reduce. Your environmental impact with the innovative HAAN Refills, perfect refill bags to minimize the polluting potential of waste in the environment.
  3. Reuse. HAAN Pockets are products designed to last, both in terms of the resistance of the material and the attractiveness of their designs. That is why its refills emerge strongly, which allow you to reuse the container of your favorite sanitizer as many times as you want.
  4. Recycle. Being made of 100% Polypropylene or PP5, HAAN Pockets are fully recyclable, when disposed of in the appropriate container for it.

Under the slogan “Water is Life”, HAAN allocates 20% of its profits to raise awareness and fight against the water crisis, a global problem directly linked to health, education and growth in developing countries.

Directly, the 30 milliliters contained in each pocket are transformed into 134 liters of drinking water in Africa, from the construction of underground water wells, which represent an economic boost to these communities.

The mood, blossom & cocktails collections


HAAN debuted on the market with a sanitizer designed for daily use. The package, easy to carry and to use, has been specially designed to be very attractive and encourage use throughout the day.

The first collection made up of 5 fragrances is characterized by aromas linked to the different moments of the day: Morning Glory, Dew of Dawn, Citrus Noon, Sunset Fleur and Wood Night. HAAN’s Blossom Elixir collection, on the other hand, sees nature as a source of healing and is made up of five botanical blends for SS21 inspired by flowers and plant scents: chamomile, rose, chrysanthemum, lavender and verbena.

Finally, the Shake It Up collection is linked to the world of mixology, with five fragrances inspired by the most famous cocktails. We have: Spicy GingerAle (ginger), Manhattan Glacé (red berries), Mojito Splash (mint), Margarita Spirit (lemon) and Gentle Paloma (plum).

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HAAN, a new way to sanitize your hands

HAAN sanitizers really leave a pleasant feeling on the hands, unlike other hand sanitizers on the market that leave that annoying sticky feeling. A splash is more than enough to kill 99.9% of the bacteria, but the irresistible scent will inspire you to always do a few more sprinkles. The presence of Aloe Vera leaves the hands very soft after use, preventing the inevitable dryness due to the presence of alcohol. However, in case this problem arises, HAAN also offers a line of soothing hand creams inspired by the taste of some ice creams. You can find them here.


The design is very functional, and perfectly adapts to the needs of a life on the move. Furthermore, the practical sanitizer holder is very useful for those who always want to have it at hand. The idea of experimenting with the senses is certainly brilliant, transforming a daily gesture into a multisensory experience. Touch, as well as sight, are satisfied right from the moment of the unboxing. HAAN’s container is modern and the colors are designer. The sense of smell (and perhaps even taste, even if it you shouldn’t taste them), on the other hand, is involved in the first splash.

5 min read


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