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How to make the right decision

By Monica Camozzi
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Do you want to make the right decision? The unconscious is involved!

Each time you think to make the right decision,  ou should know that you have made it subconsciously 7 seconds earlier! In 2008 the young researcher and neuroscientist, John-Dylan Haynes,came to a discovery of considerable importance. During research at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig he proved that when we make a conscious decision, whether for small or big ones. When we consciously realize what we want to do, the decision was actually made subconsciously some seconds earlier!  

Prendere la decisione giusta: il grafico che dimostra la manciata di secondi di differenza fra scelta conscia e inconscia
La dimostrazione scientifica che l’inconscio decide prima

Conscious and unconscious.

Back in 1983 the American neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet had already discovered that any conscious decision was preceded by a few hundred milliseconds of unconscious activity. A study by the University of New South Wales published in Scientific Reports, reveals that our choice between two possibilities are predictable by the brain activity 11 seconds before. 

Our actions began with unconscious mind processes long before we become aware of our intention to act

John-Dylan Haynes

A truly important thing for nomads.

Why are we telling you this? Because the nomads, more than other people with more programmed and stable lives, must have a really strong focus, a strong emotional management and decision-making awareness. They are free and without boundaries. But freedom is a double-edged blade, a gap between success and failure. What does it mean to be truly aware? It means to bring to the attention of the conscious part all those automatic behaviors that you did without realizing it.  Only if we focus on this, you will make the right decision! Italo Pentimalli, an Italian scholar of the mind and the brain, has written a book on this subject, “The power of the quantum brain“. There he demonstrates that the human mind can really do anything… just by knowing how it works and unhinging the blocks that are grafted onto it.  

How do we make the right  decision? 

Before, we should know how we make a decision. The brain works by association and repetition. When you make a decision you do it by mapping the reality that is only partially familiar to you.  In reality your brain is based on past experiences, unconscious programming and a series of social and cultural conditioning. You think you are free to decide but actually you are influenced by an inner network of beliefs that…you don’t control! This mechanism has also been widely endorsed by studies such as the one by Dr. Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist at University College London. Although the brain is not an exact science, it is well known that the unconscious interferes in apparently rational processes. To be aware -and to make the right decision-  means to bring to the surface of consciousness all the automatic behaviors that we put in practice. Without being aware of them. 

The power to truly control the reality 

Watch your character, it  becomes your destiny.

Lao Tsu

Lao Tsu, a Chinese philosopher, once said a phrase that entered into history: “Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Likewise, Tsu said that our thoughts produce actions that gradually become our beliefs and become our character. Thereby, what we think guides our lives and shapes our reality.  To make the right decision we have to know something about the revolution of quantum physics. Thought is energy,and to prove this there are also the studies of Albert Einstein. He said that everything is energy and travels on a certain frequency.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It’s not philosophy, it’s physics

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein sorride, come chi conosce i segreti dell'universo e di chi sa prendere la decisione giusta
Einstein aveva dimostrato la capacità dell’energia di condizionare la materia

Einstein’s revolution.

It was Einstein who, contrary to the beliefs of Descartes and Newton, defined the correlation between matter and energy with his famous formula E=mc2. From there, he shattered the old conception of the atom as a matter with a nucleus and external particles revolving around it. It was discovered that the atom was pure energy

Our thought creates reality.

Scholars of quantum physics made an extraordinary discovery: the person who observes (or measures) the tiny particles that form the atom, influences its behavior, energy and substance. Quantum experiments have shown that electrons exist simultaneously in an infinite range of possibilities and probabilities; and in an invisible energy field. But it is only when the observer focuses on the position of an electron that that electron appears. In other words, a particle cannot manifest itself in reality, that is, in our space-time dimension, until we observe it.

To make the right decision means being aware.

Physics calls this phenomenon “wave function collapse” or “observer effect”. Now we know that when the observer looks for an electron, there is a specific point in time and space where there is every probability that the electron will collapse in a physical event. As a result of this discovery, we can no longer consider thought and matter as separate dimensions. It’s worth wile looking at the website Also the quantum physicist Vadim Zeland wrote a lot on this topic, he called it Reality Transurfing.

What does all of this tell us? 

Prendere la decisione giusta: la copertina di Reality Transurfing mostra le mille possibili scale da percorrere.

This means that our point of observation is crucial, that our vision affects reality in an almost infinite field of possibility. And that the actual awareness, with which we make our decisions, is crucial to our success or failure. The opportunity o make the right decision depends on that awareness. This is perfectly explained by the quantum physicist Vadim Zeland in The Space of Variants, calling this faculty with an eloquent nickname, Transurfing. A book suggested to all the nomads who want to surf on life with the inner compass well set! 

When you battle for something it is like you are trying to push your realization into the alternatives space, whereas when you choose something the space comes to you

Vadim Zeland

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
5 min read

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