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Hunu, the pocket-size reusable cup

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Hunu is a coffee cup made of silicone and bamboo fiber. It is reusable and it folds down to less than 2 centimeters. It costs 18 euros and is already a real success on Kickstarter.

Eliminate paper cups

Hunu has made a reusable and pocket-sized silicone cup with bamboo fiber cap. Their mission is to replace paper cups.

The materials

Silicone and bamboo is not a random combination of materials. Unlike plastic, silicone does not release harmful chemicals when heated and allows the cup to be easily cleaned (either by hand or in the dishwasher).

Hunu, the pocket-size reusable cup

The great benefit of this design is the possibility of always having it with you, because once you have drunk the coffee, it folds up to a height of only 2 centimeters, while the elastic band closes the hole from which you drink to avoid liquid leaks.

Perfect for handbags and backpacks or even for your pockets

This means that the cup can be easily placed in bags or backpacks, as well as in your jacket, jeans or trousers pockets. With a capacity of 240 milliliters and a weight of less than 100 grams, Hunu aims to reduce paper consumption to lighten the waste disposal sites.

The project is very convincing and proved its success on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order the cup at a cost of 18 euros.

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