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IKEA and Asus under the sign of gaming

By Sara Stefanovic
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Gaming has become a full-fledged job. This phenomenon fully represents Confucius’s phrase: «Choose the job you love and you won’t work even one day in your whole life». Choosing to embark on new projects is not always easy, often people tend to remain anchored to their safe-zone to avoid failure… However, last year many people understood the importance of reinventing themselves, also thanks to digitalization. And here we get to the heart of our speech. Just to facilitate the work of gamers, IKEA and Asus – more precisely Asus gaming accessories sub-brand Republic of Gamers (ROG) have come together to design the highest-grade hardware and gear for demanding gamers who settle for nothing but the best. Also because being in front of a screen all day can be potentially harmful.

Since IKEA is not familiar with this industry, it has worked with Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers).

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It’s safe to say that gaming has evolved exponentially. The number of players, currently at around 2.5 billion, keeps increasing every day. More and more people find in it an escape from the stresses of life and relax. This gives IKEA 2.5 billion reasons to create a range of furniture for gamers to give them the chance to reach their full potential. A special attention, however, goes to professionals involved in the e-sports ecosystem.

IKEA e Asus

The project by IKEA involves Sofia Wiktorsson, Product Design Developer at IKEA in Shanghai, and Luis Porém Pires, Range Design Leader at IKEA Workspaces. ROG asked the gaming team and colleagues to provide Sofia and Luis with information on what gamers really wanted in regards to ergonomic comfort. He also asked to highlight the need for a clutter-free environment to stay focused and increase gaming performance.

The needs of billions of gamers around the globe are very diverse, whereas the existing offer is rather technical and often perceived as masculine design-wise, despite around 46% of gamers being female. We believe there’s a lot to be done to democratise the gaming experience

Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace, IKEA of Sweden. 
IKEA e Asus

The new range of games developed by IKEA in collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG) was launched in China on January 29, 2021. From May 2021 it will be available in Japan and from October 2021 the range will begin global sales.

ROG has in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry and want to find new ways to make gaming blend into the home. Combining the best of these two worlds, the collaboration aimed to democratize the gaming experience, by creating relevant, functional, beautiful and affordable products and complete gaming solutions to make it easier for everyone to create the setup and the home they want.

IKEA e Asus

The new gaming range will target PC gamers and include six product families: HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE. All UPPSPEL products have been designed by IKEA and ROG in close collaboration. The remaining product families have been developed by IKEA based on the insights and knowledge gained from the collaboration to ensure the width of the total gaming offer and to meet the various needs of IKEA customers in terms of function, design and price. 

In total, the collaboration between IKEA and Asus has resulted in more than 30 products.

IKEA e Asus

These products cover both furniture – gaming desks and chairs, a drawer unit – and accessories – a mug holder, a mouse bungee, a neck pillow, a ring light and many more. Each product family offers a gaming desk and a chair of different price range to meet the needs of different target groups.

3 min read


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