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In Claudia Venuti’s backpack

By Sara Stefanovic
5 min read

On the occasion of our weekly column, In your backpack, we met the writer Claudia Venuti to find out a bit more about her life and, of course, about what’s in her backpack. Claudia (1987) was born in Avellino but soon moved to Rimini with the whole family. Her dream of becoming a writer began to come true in 2016 with the self-publication of her first book, Passi (Steps). Her dream went on with the self-publication of the second work Dove ti trovo? (Where do I find you?) up to the first contract with the publishing house New Book which re-edited her books and, last but not least, we have the special meeting with the Mondadori group.

When did you realize this was your destiny?

There was no precise moment, I have become aware of it with the passing of time. I have never been a “one-way” person, on the contrary, I have always taken new paths by getting involved in different fields. Writing, however, intrigued me since I was a child, it had a different scent and gave me emotions and sensations that I could not find in any other thing. It was the only thing that could make me feel alive. Immediately after the first book came out, I felt the need to going on following that path and the further I went, the more I felt the need to experiment. I tried new ways of writing, of telling and giving shape to my pages, knowing that I could do anything I wanted with my imagination.

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Then, I suddenly began to touch all the beauty that was surrounding me. I became aware of this beauty during the presentations of my works, when I had the chance to come into direct contact with my readers. I literally felt butterflies in my stomach, those are magical situations that give me a lot of positive vibes. One day I received a message from a girl saying: “Keep writing because you are good for people.” I thought: “You can’t even imagine how good all of this is for me!” After receiving so many messages like this one from my readers I realized that I wasn’t writing just for me. So I said to myself: “This is my way. I want to do this. “

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Where does your passion come from?

My passion comes from an inner need to externalize and give shape to any thought that comes to my mind. It is something that has been happening since I learned to write, since I was a child. I have always written letters and I have always filled in secret diaries because I have always had the need to transfer my moods, my fears, and my emotions on sheets that grew with me and which I carried around in my backpack .

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Anything that I couldn’t say used to come out the moment I had a pen in my hand. I knew that that way I would be able to say anythig. Writing has always been my salvation and I believe it was born with me on the exact day I came into the world. I was lucky enough to became aware of this passion as a young girl and I have never abandoned it, on the contrary, I have fed and protected it.

What are the items that cannot be missing in your backpack during a trip?


In 2016 I went to New York and the only things I had in my backpack, besides my wallet and passport of course, were: a book of mine, a notebook, a pen and another book to read. These are three things that can never miss in my backpack. I always carry one of my books with me because I like to leave it in a place where I go, I hope that someone finds it and that this can improve their day.

What would you have done if you hadn’t done this job?

I would have done what I am currently doing. I love writing in general, I am a book writer but also a journalist and a press office couselor. One way or another, however, writing is always present.


How has digitalization transformed your work?

For what concerns book writing, I am still grat fan of the traditional “pen and paper” and I hope to never change this aspect of me. However I admit that it can be considered as an old fashioned approach considering the fast world we live in. As for technology in general and all that comes with it (any evolution or involution if you prefer) it has mainly transformed the way we communicate and talk about our work.

I believe that social networks have played a fundamental role in this, they have become the main channels. However, if I were to choose between buying a book online or in a bookstore, I would prefer the second option. I will go on “protecting” that part of me that still notes everything on scattered sheets. Many of these sheets end up thrown away, but many of them are saved and are given the chance to become a book.


What is your relationship with travel?

I love traveling. My relationship with travel is a long lasting love story. I particularly love aimless car trips. I never organize anything in detail and even in that case, as in life, I let things go, without worrying about following precise itineraries. I’m always the one who buys the train ticket half an hour before taking it. I love the last minute, in fact I usually know when I will leave but don’t have a clue about when I will return. I don’t need to plan anything because I love adventure.

5 min read

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