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Is Emily in Paris the new Andy Sachs?

By Sara Stefanovic
3 min read

The first season of Emily in Paris came out less than a month ago and we are already talking about a season 2! The Netflix series starring Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, a young social media strategist sent to Paris to bring a breath of Americanism to a company that deals with the marketing of luxury goods, is a success. But, although the series has wowed the audience of the streaming platform, in France there many people defined it: ‘hate watching‘ because of the clichés about the French.

Emily arrives in Paris and has no idea what is going to happen

The young American is completely taken aback, as they say. From the cradle of American entrepreneurship, Chicago, she moves to cradle of culture, art and love, Paris. The contrast between the two cities is evident, as is the influence that the capital of love will have on the protagonist. The young woman was entrusted with the task of helping the company run by Sylvie, a charismatic career woman who will give her a lot of trouble, in the creation of social campaigns. Shortly after arriving in the city, Emily immediately makes friends, even without knowing French. She also meets a young chef from her neighbor, Gabriel, for whom we all cheer until the end. The only problem: his girlfriend Camille, inexorably friendly and hard to hate. Her stay in Paris is also accompanied by the opening of the Instagram profile ‘Emily in Paris’ which immediately becomes a hit.

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The series boasts a creative and original point of view on the influencers’ world, criticizing those young girls who would do anything to gain followers. As anticipated, the French did not take very well their description. However, this is an extremely understandable American point of view. The fact that many French do not speak English, that they have a more liberty and culinary approach to life is not new (even if it is not a French prerogative, now the whole world is the same). This slightly snobbish French approach is linked to the series setting: an exclusive working environment. The agency deals with important brands (they are all fictitious ones), so we believe that the snobbish attitude is more representative of the fashion world than of the French people.

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An in between Sex and the City and The Devil wears Prada

But let’s go step by step. Emily in Paris is clearly the result of a series of more than evident influences. A cocktail that would inevitably have been a success, especially for an audience that loves fashion and luxury… but also the city of Paris! In the end we are talking about the most inflated city in the world. No one has ever had the courage to criticize the French capital.

Emily in Paris

Sex and the City is always present. On the one hand it is because the producer, Darren Star, and the costume designer are the same of the American cult series. But on the other hand we also perceive the Sex and the City influence in the shrewd and irreverent jokes that accompany the vision of the series. In Emily’s character we find Carrie’s creativity and style, Charlotte’s naïve look, Mirande’s ambition and, well, Samantha’s “appetite”.

Emily in Paris

The influence of The Devil Wears Prada is particularly evident in Sylvie, the one who runs the company. It is the French version of Amanda Pristley and it’s safe to say that we can see no difference. Emily, however, does not have the bad taste in dressing that characterizes Andy at the beginning of the film, although Sylvie and other characters often refer to her as ‘rengarde‘ or a basic b **** h. The last (but not least) influence is that of the TV series Gossip Girl. We find it mainly in the style of the protagonist; many peple have noticed that it is similar to that of Blair Woldorf. In short, I told you, it is a spatial cocktail.

Emily in Paris
3 min read

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