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Jim Morrison, the rock poet in Monday Song

By Stefano Nappa
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Jim Morrison is one of those names that will never fade away in the world of music; his songs together with his lyrics are unrepeatable. The voice of The Doors group literally created panic in the soul of every listener from the very first time he took the stage. In this Monday Song we tell you about an episode that has remained in our hearts and that only he could have triggered.

The flag of the United States is often associated with the phrase: The Land Of Opportunity. Perhaps all this is really true, or rather remove the perhaps as well.

Sooner or later, the classic “American Dream” comes true for everyone.
Michael Ochs is one of those characters who lived the American Dream seriously between 1955 and 1970, especially in the musical world and behind Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison

Mark Cuban, a Jew raised in America, a former cha cha cha teacher who later became a billionaire for having the brilliant idea of founding Broadcast.com. Example: any radio that runs on the web pays royalties to him. However, he said there are three beautiful and important things in Texas: money, guns and women, but not exactly in that order.

Here, Michael Ochs was born in this context in the city of Austin. Today it is known as the place with the most emerging musical talent.
In fact, as a boy he was a disc jockey, a journalist, a manager artist but above all a photographer.

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Together with his older brother Phil, an important folk-rock singer of the time, he frequented all the places in the city where music was staged also because his best friends were Dave Marsh and Lester Bangs. Here he started collecting concert photos and founded the Michael Ochs Archives.

This photographic archive was purchased by Getty Images in 2007.

It contains over 3 million period prints, proof sheets and negatives used in more than 100,000 albums and singles. There are also films and documentaries that have made the history of contemporary art.

He led the advertising offices of Columbia, Shelter and ABC Records for years. He has taught at UCLA and has written for historic magazines such as Rock, Melody Maker, Cashbox and Crawdaddy.

In his archive obviously appears the poet, the God of Rock and the most controversial star in musical history: Jim Morrison.

«If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel».

The Doors concert in question is the one held in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1968. During their performance, Jim, inspired by his own personality, collapsed on the floor of the stage and pretended to be passed out/dead. The band continued to play for a while. The audience, on the other hand, panicked and one of the most beautiful shots made for live music was taken.

Jim Morrison

He continued to sing from the ground, lying on the stage almost in a fetal position.
Even today, looking at this photo, we cannot help but feeling that he was born on that stage and maybe that’s the case. Jim was born to do what he did.
Change the world with his art.
Click here to listen to their #playlist.

3 min read


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