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Job-Tools you didn’t think you needed

By Sara Stefanovic
4 min read

We’ve talked about smart cities and about the jobs of the future, but now it’s time to talk about the job-tools that will become part of our life in the future. Technology itself has to adapt to the rapid changes in our society and life. So here are a few examples of technological items of the future, conceived to help humans in the transition towards digitalization.

The most wanted job-tools of the moment

Datacolor ColorReader

Do you want to make some color touches in your room but don’t remember the number of the color you used? This job tool is perfect for you.

ColorReader is the precise, portable color-measurement tool professionals and DIYers rely on to identify colors instantly with outstanding accuracy. Advanced color sensors combine with a feature-rich app to create a versatile color tool that streamlines your work.

It was engineered for accuracy. Touch ColorReader to any flat surface and the built-in LED surrounding the advanced color sensor will evenly illuminate the surface with no outside interference, isolating the color for more precise measurements. Lightweight and portable so you can always have it with you to capture any color, any time, anywhere.

Save captured colors and create your own color palettes. The app can also recommend complementary palettes for your projects. Easily share color measurements and paint colors with friends, clients, colleagues or paint stores through text, email and more.

Jadelabo J1 – Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

3D printers need no introduction, they are the dream of any great little adult. The idea of printing an idea you have in your mind excites you, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Here is the solution.

Jadelabo J1 is an Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) 3D printer that has everything you would want. Unleash the potential of 3D printing with a well built IDEX system that fits on your desk. From beginners to the most demanding makers, you will enjoy multiple printing modes and an improved IDEX printing experience.


Support removal has never been easier. The dissolvable support structures make post-processing much easier, leading to a better surface quality for your parts, and let you print complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible. In addition, when printing premium materials, you can save money by printing the supports with a less expensive material.

Print a variety of materials with ease. From the print heads, heated bed, motion mechanism, and enclosure addon, all the components and structures in J1 are carefully designed to work efficiently with various materials. This is one of the most wanted job-tools in the world.

MEAZOR – The Future of Measure

This tiny laser device can replace every single measuring tool you currently use…


MEAZOR is an advanced measuring tool that can measure distances, scan floor plans, calculate angles, convert measurements between imperial and metric systems, and can even scale up or down your measurements. In short, this tiny device replaces your measuring tape, laser measuring gun, spirit-level, protractor, and even your scale/ruler… and it’s about as small as a burner phone.

The MEAZOR is powerful on its own, but is taken to the absolute next level when you pair it with the smartphone app. On its own, the MEAZOR can accurately measure small distances as well as large ones. For smaller distances, the rolling wheel lets you measure simply by rolling along any given line – straight or curved. The MEAZOR app combines the device’s advanced measuring capabilities with your smartphone’s incredible computing power. 

TEMPMi – The World’s Smallest Thermometer

Safety first, especially in this period of time. This is one of the most useful job-tools of the moment…

TEMPMi measures body temperature in a hygenic way without any contact with the skin of the person. You can use it without sanitizing everytime and measure accurate temperature right away.

The TEMPMi isn’t a bulky gun-shaped thermometer or a fragile mercury-filled glass thermometer. It’s a tiny, battery-sized device that weighs a mere 8 grams (as much as a key) and is designed to be the kind of thermometer you carry around with you as EDC. It uses a thermopile and infrared sensor to accurately gauge temperatures without contact, working just like a contactless thermometer-gun would, but at a mere fraction of the size.

The TEMPMi’s compact size isn’t just another feature, it actually allows the device to be smart too. It comes without a battery or display, and operates by plugging into your smartphone. This enables the TEMPMi device to record your readings for you, turning the thermometer into a smart one. All temperature readings are displayed on your smartphone screen in a legible font, and in the unit of your choice. Readings are recorded within the app, allowing you to scan back and look at readings by time and date. Just plug the device into the charging port on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and you’ve got yourself a smart-thermometer on your hands.

Which are your favorite job-tools?

4 min read


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