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Let’s create a house with an app!

By Monica Camozzi
3 min read

From the preliminary to the deed: you can create a house with an app that becomes the technological bridge to your dream!

The dream of creating your own house. But not only in a traditional way: appointments in showrooms, the choice of materials, meetings with architects. What if you had an app that showed you the way step by step? It exists, it’s called Home J. The Mi Milano Contract District web app accompanies people in customizing the house starting from the preliminary up to the deed. This is a digital interfacing system, available from May 2020, thanks to which customers and companies will be able to remotely follow all the steps of the housing project, from the materials archive to the timelines. This is a classic case in which the digital world helps the real one. Are you ready to create a house with an app?

Creating a house with an app? Home J is the answer

It is not just an app, but an integrated system. It was created by Lorenzo Pascucci in 2016, setting up a 1700 square meter showroom in the heart of Milan with important partner companies. From there, in unsuspected times, the intuition to amplify the project implementing the digital world. It all started from an ERP management software that has been developed internally, and now everyone can create a house with an app!

Home-J (or home-journey) is the digital version in a CRM key capable of translating procedures and processes that unite the construction supply chain with that of home design with a B2C language.

Lorenzo Pascucci

In fact, the APP will allow you to follow every step that leads to the creation of a home: documentation always available online, access to the document archive, Video-calls with an architect, site checks, requests for post-deed assistance and much more. In short, the way home.

Create house with app

Home-J will also allow you to speak confidentially with the consultants of the Milano Contract District team, set and follow a live video call with the designer and follow (always remotely thanks to the home tracker) the phases of the construction and the furnituring.

The thrill of the physical experience does not fade away! Because face-to-face appointments are made anyway. And the choices of materials and furnishings are made in the showroom, where you can always find the partners.

Create house with app

The house of the future is technically human.

In the concept store on Corso Sempione, where Home J had been conceived, Marco Piva’s architecture studio presented a new living concept. We are talking about Pryncipe, built in the building in via Principe Eugenio in Milan. This is the classic residential building with a touch of novelty: a system of terracing degrading towards the internal courtyard. A project which, while offering excellent technical solutions, favors the psycho-physical dimension of well-being.

Create house with app

A project that was born with the aim of healing a vast urban void after years of abandonment, through the creation of a residential complex of great value. The attention to detail, with a particular search for materials for the building facade and for the interiors, is typical of the work that Studio Marco Piva has been developing for years: a continuous formal, functional and emotional research, which aims to create new technical excellence, without ever losing sight of the human dimension of the project.

Marco Piva
Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
3 min read

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