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LinkedIn: emerging jobs and sectors in Italy

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network. It shares a list of the top 10 industries and the top 10 emerging job positions in Italy during the first quarter of 2021, as well as an analysis of the priorities of Italian professionals when searching for a new job in the post-Covid-19 era.

We are in a phase in which the pandemic and national security measures continue to impact the economy and the job market in Italy. In the first quarter of the year, the LinkedIn platform has recorded some flows related to the demand and supply for labor in our country. In fact, LinkedIn has analyzed the data on job offers in the months between February and March 2021 to determine the most in-demand job openings in Italy, based on the volume growth from month to month. Jobs from the recruitment agency sector were excluded from the analysis.

LinkedIn: emerging industry sectors

The job sectors with the highest growth rate are Public Safety, followed by Design and Wellness & Fitness to complete the rankings. Also complicit in this ranking are the gradual decreases in restrictions due to the pandemic, which also affected the Entertainment and Travel sector, which ranks fourth in this special ranking.


In Italy, there is great variety in the job growth sectors. Developers and software engineers are among the most sought-after roles in our country.

Demand is also growing for Software & IT Services, in fifth place, followed by Corporate Services. These two sectors result as those with the highest number of job ads, although recording a lower percentage growth than the previous ones. At the bottom of the ranking, there are the Construction, Legal and Manufacturing sectors from seventh to ninth place. These, despite the slowdowns and setbacks suffered in the last period, have been growing since the beginning of 2021. Closing the ranking is the Hardware & Networking sector.

Which are the most requested roles?

Speaking of the most in-demand professional roles, those that have recorded a higher growth rate are Back Office Employees, followed by Javascript Developers and Salespeople. Gradually descending, we then find the Architects, Mechanical Designers and generic Account Managers. In seventh place, at the same level, two different categories in engineering and computer science: the Software Engineer and Full Stack Engineer; followed by System Engineer and Back End Developer. Finally, this ranking closes with the role of Real Estate Agent. 


In Italy, flexibility and well-being count more than salary for a new job in the post-pandemic period.

At the same time, LinkedIn sought to offer insights into the priorities of Italian professionals for the post-pandemic phase. This is in relation to possible new job opportunities; with the Workforce Confidence Index research, developed by Censuswide on behalf of LinkedIn. 

«It is clear from our research that the pandemic has shaped a new career scenario in recent months. Both in terms of job offers and job demand. It is very varied as far as emerging sectors are concerned, while we record a certain continuity in searching for professionals with more or less advanced digital skills. As far as the priorities of Italian professionals are concerned, in the post-pandemic period, the flexibility of the employers, the correct balance between work and personal life, together with the possibility of being able to enrich one’s portfolio with new value-added human experiences, are clearly preferential elements compared to the mere economic value of a new job. All this is a clear sign of how the dynamics of recent times have substantially changed the expectations and prospects for the future of Italian workers».

Marcello Albergoni, Country Manager of LinkedIn Italy
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In this context, for almost 50% of Italian workers, the first priority is flexibility in terms of time and place of work.

In the second place, and just as important, 36% of respondents identify the life & work balance. Having greater flexibility in terms of working hours and location allows people to have a better balance; it’s no coincidence that both are at the top of the list of characteristics sought after for a new job.

The third one, in order of preference, is the priority for 36% of respondents to be able to develop a network of relationships that can offer real added value, while 28% feel the need to acquire skills that are easily reusable in other work contexts.

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26% of Italians say that company culture is a key element in their choice of a new job; nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) believe it is important that their new job demonstrates a concrete commitment to social issues, particularly diversity and inclusion. The research also shows that Italian professionals feel the need to develop new technical skills related to their new work environment. Unexpectedly, in the last place in terms of priority, Italian professionals (22%) place salary – an element that is little sought after for a new job opportunity in the post-Covid-19 period.  

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