Low Leaf in Monday Song

By Stefano Nappa
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Low Leaf is a type of artist that was missing from our playlist titled Monday Song. On Mondays you often need all the inspiration in the world to avoid falling into the monotony of the day. She is perfect for this purpose even though being a niche artist. In Europe she has not yet reached a large pop audience but true music fans love her madly.

Low Leaf has the spirit of a low leaf. She tells about people who you find by chance but that manage to attract your attention immediately.
Thoroughbred Filipina but born and raised in Hollywood, Los Angeles, where being yourself isn’t really the specialty of the day. In the city of angels you can often find copies of copies of copies.

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But she managed to find and carry on her artistic self like few other people in music.

She stood out as the lowest leaf on a tree branch thanks to a sound she calls folk/electronic. In recent years, however, she has identified with nature sharing nature’s most important feature: being in constant evolution.

She has had problems with social integration since she was a young girl, partly because she was too mature for her age and partly because her parents are of Spanish, Filipino, and Uruguayan origin and completely hippy. In fact, from an early age Leaf begins that wonderful relationship between nature and freedom that will turn into the characteristic deadly instinct of her compositions.

Set Me Free, a wonderful song among her first records, is the best representation of this mindset. She learned to play piano as a child but she also learned how to play harp and drums during college by herself. These instruments transformed her liveset into a harmonious visual show never seen before. Her live music falls flirtatiously like a leaf leaving the tree to reach the people who are look at her from below.

Low Leaf’s harp and production capabilities give way to unlimited and unique sound, constantly evolving in a spectrum of its own.

She transmitted a strong spirituality, a positive vibe and a belief that songs are energy capsules, to music.
Songs are like little portals of light that can withstand the changing variables of time. This light has the power to transform people.

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Her career started with a track on the record of the singer Anggun, but this luck completely destabilized her. She left Los Angeles to spend a long time in the Philippines. During this period of returning to her origins, between meditation and nature walks, she tattooed her arm from shoulder to elbow.

Whang-od is the tattoo artist who transcribed the spirit of Low Leaf on her skin.

She is also known by the name of Maria Oggay and is the last and oldest mambabatok, the traditional Kalinga tattoo artist.
She is part of the Butbut people, the larger Kalinga ethnic group.

At the age of 101, she continues to perform tattoos with the ancient technique called batok, or tattooing by hammering ink on the skin. There is little information on how to get to Whang-Od. Those who intend to do so must necessarily venture into the jungle in search of the village at the top of the hill and that’s what Low Leaf did.

Reborn, after this tattoo, Low Leaf returned to the United States and started releasing a record every six months, not to mention the various collaborations with other artists. She even appeared as a ghost producer on some tracks on Flying Lotus‘s Cosmogramma, for example her keyboards and not only on Dance of the Pseudo Nymph were chosen and played by her.

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Los Angeles, however, was not ready for her sound made of harp and electronic sounds combined with an almost perfect voice. Only after an opening live with Mark de Clive-Lowe did she find the her own live dimension. Over the years she has played with Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Robert Glasper, King Britt and many other artist but she was also a guest of the London Boiler Room.

AKASHAALAY is one of his most beautiful records she has released, even if it is difficult to pick one out of all. Her new projects have that something never heard before.

She ultimately seeks represent both nature and her Filipino ancestors, hoping to heal and awake the world as a universal family. Don’t Sleep On thisSs !!!
Click here for the playlist.

4 min read


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