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Marco Acerbi: the nomadic performer

By Monica Camozzi
5 min read

He has performed all over the planet. He has worked with Cirque du Soleil artists. A true nomadic performer lives within himself.

In Easter 1992 Marco Acerbi was on a beach on the Costa Smeralda, signing his first contract with a Powerbook 170, starting an entertainment business that would take him far away. Milan had been his home for two years and then he left the city forever. His life is nomadic as he was born this way. He graduated in visual communication, a PR course at IULM, but he is also a dancer, an actor, and a live performer. His life naturally channeled towards visual arts and entertainment, in an osmosis that blends business and passion. He created Cirque of Life, his “office” is the world. A nomad performer in his own right.

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Nomad, performer, dancer, actor… the list never ends. When did you realize that your life was the show?

At first, my two great passions were: cinema and the visual arts. While studying at IULM I also studied singing, dancing, acting… Then, dancing, I ended up on TVs and worked as a dancer. I did some advertising, then I started with live shows. In the end, everything came together naturally: my vocation for the show, the pr, the events. I realized that being a nomad was the most motivating thing, besides being a performer.

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So you are the digital nomad with the computer on the beach, aren’t you?

It was ’92, then almost no one was a digital nomad! Back then I was a dancer and earned good money, instead of buying a sports car I started a company, bought the first Powerbook 170 and a Microtac by Motorola and I signed my first consulting contract from a beach. I confirm! I was the only person on the beach. And that was the beginning of a nomadic life that allowed me to be free and reach extremes. While continuing to be a performer. My lair was Milan. I got “misled” for a couple of years by going to the office and then I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to Switzerland to study at the International School of Shiatsu, in the Bernese Alps, in what they call the valley of energy.

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Shiatsu too, the list gets longer. Nomadic performer and esoteric master? Can human and digital merge?

Of course yes! I remember when we took a photo-shoot in Topkapi, with the dancers in dance suits for a limited edition calendar. They kicked us all out, it was a long shot. It was the royal palace in a Muslim country… Or when in 2005 I directed an event at the Grimaldi Forum for Gaddafi’s son, who had a passion for football and wanted to celebrate Libya’s candidacy for the world championships, which were then entrusted to South Africa. I was a nomad inside, I am a performer by nature, and I translated it into a new concept of entertainment.

Have you worked with Cirque du Soleil artists?

It was an event for which I had no limits and constraints. I could have chosen the best artists in the world. And my eye fell on an extraordinary trapeze artist, star of the Lido in Paris. I wanted another first-rate performer to support her, so I asked the greatest juggler in the world, the protagonist of one of the first Cirque du Soleil shows, Dralion. They were engaged but had never worked together. Thanks to that meeting I had come into contact with the Gotha of artists. Nomads like me can understand the emotion of an event of this kind: I specialized and continued to work on that level.

The Nomad is constantly present, he lives within himself. He lives his condition as a human being regardless of the context. He opens up to what he will feel but keeps his roots, rooted in his own being.

Marco Acerbi

Your wife used to be a verticalist. Is she a nomadic performer too?

Yes, she was a nomadic performer too, our marriage lasted ten years. I met her at the Paris circus festival and we immediately recognized each other. Her specialties were handbalancing and aerialism, I was her artistic director, we created an international case. It was the first time that an artist of that type acquired notoriety even outside the circus world. We had created a new genre, it was called Physical Poetry. She is Canadian, so I lived halfway between Canada and Italy. Always nomadic. It was and is a state of the soul.

nomadic performer

What are you working on now?

I work with a team of people located around the world: USA, Germany, Canada. But I also have collaborators in Dubai, and in Portland; there, there is an extraordinary person I work with. I worked with him on the occasion two world launches by Porsche, the 911 and the Panamera. My life is like this, nomadic in the sense of open-mindedness not only of physical displacement. When you are a performer and you collaborate with performers, meetings are always interesting. Among these people there is Sandro Cerino, who is a jazzman, writer, director, and composer for symphony orchestras, his home in Gaggiano is built around the great Staedtler pencil that stands in the middle. The first time I went to work in Hong Kong I brought the Four Seasons he had rearranged in jazz version with me.

Nomadic performer

How does a nomadic performer experience this particular situation?

Bad! I live very badly because I’m used to being out-of-home all the time. A few weeks ago I received a call from Moscow, for the opening event of a Wine Park in southern Russia. An immense scenographic show, which was to be held at the end of October but which obviously was not possible to perform. At least I have my Noise Reduction headphones model, I take them with me every time I go out, but now I use them at home. Strictly latest model, top of the range, now I use Bose NC 700.

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