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Marianna Miola, beauty consultant between Padova and London

By Tommaso Lavizzari
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A Make Up Artist, A Master Lash Artist, and a Facialist: Marianna Miola is a talented young Paduan entrepreneur with an international training. At the age of 26, she is the youngest established professional in the Italian beauty industry.   

«The most difficult moment was certainly my apprenticeship in London and the demanding and progressive transfer of rank and responsibility until I became, despite my young age, the manager of an important beauty centre. Thanks to my Make-up degree at the Accademia del Cinema I had the chance to meet exceptional teachers and to live important experiences in Italy as well as in New York».

Marianna Miola, business owner

An international spirit with strong national roots

Marianna Miola has a real international spirit, but her work has a strong connection to her territory of origin, thanks to the opening of the first personal store in Padova. In fact, she is part of that new generation of highly specialized professionals, with high level of foreign education, who pay particular attention to local needs. 

«Padova is my city, my history, my identity, of which I am extremely proud. That’s why I wanted to come back. I wanted to prove that my future can also be at home and not only abroad. Padova is a city with ancient roots, but also the home to the University, to research and innovation, with at least 60,000 students who live in harmony with the locals. It is a city full of beauty, harmony and respect».

Marianna Miola, business owner

The exact purpose of this new generation of Digital Nomads is to study abroad and run their businesses without a physical location, keeping their roots intact. This is to support the city growth by creating new business opportunities, and helping the revitalization of local business activities. 

Marianna Miola, a Digital Nomad with talent and passion

Marianna Miola is Paduan but her education and attitude are highly international. Despite her graduation in a scientific high school, and despite that her ‘medical’ family expected her to pursue a career in that field, Marianna followed her own talent. Her passion and aspiration have led her to study and to have several work experiences of great responsibility both in Italy and England. 

London, the smart city for excellence, a global metropolis at the crossroads of energy, opportunities, trends, fashion, culture, and art.  

«My passion was born when I was a just a little girl, but I devoted myself seriously to this profession only after high school. I’ve always had a particular and instinctive attraction for everything related to the world of beauty and, in particular, I’ve always been fascinated by the communicative and aesthetic power of the look, from which no one can escape».

Marianna Miola, business owner

She obtained her diploma at the first and only Italian cinematographic school, the National Film Academy in Bologna – one of the most important benchmarks for cinematographic education in the country for over 30 years – and the Master at TEMPTU, in New York, where she specialized in the innovative technique of airbrush; major area of focus of the school. She also gained top-level experience in one of the most difficult and most formative fields at the same time: the London fashion week fashion shows. 

A relentless perfectionist.  

Marianna Miola, a relentless perfectionist with wide-ranging expertise in the field of innovative beauty techniques. She focuses, in particular, on one of today’s hottest topics: the look, thanks to the treatment of eyelashes and eyebrows between stretching, thickening, lamination, microblanding, Arabic thread and hot wax. 

Moreover, Marianna, in her mission to find perfection in every face and at all ages, collaborates with dermatology clinics and beauty salons: her activity, together with those who offer more radical treatments of facial surgery, aims to provide support to anyone who wants to improve their appearance in the name of harmony and naturalness. 

«One of my main goals is the happiness of women who undergo my counseling. I had the chance to be a guest in the pediatric oncology ward at the Padua Hospital, more precisely in the ‘teen zone’. Seeing patiences laughing and looking with satisfaction at their reflection in the mirror moved me deeply. In that moment, I understood that makeup is also taking care and showing respect for life, particularly in painful moments».

Marianna Miola, business owner

The expression as a guide and the eyes as a mirror of the soul  

«I’m definitely guided by clients’ facial expression and personality. My attention, however, is immediately captured by the eyes that are truly the “mirror of the soul” and never lie… they are the focus around which I seek inspiration».

Marianna Miola, business owner

M2: creams, serums and mousses with special formulas 

Marianna has also created her own facial treatments line available in store. The M2: creams, serums and mousses with special formulas made in collaboration with a Bologna-based company and inspired by the best products on the market and by customers’ requests, to bring the beneficial effect of salon treatments at home. 

A life in constant movement.  

Marianne is now traveling all over Europe and her business is branching off. Moreover, she is very active on Social Media like Instagram, with the @meryon_ profile, where she provides daily beauty tips and takes care of the image of influencers such as Teresanna Pugliese, Giorgia Lucini and Teresa Langella during important events like the recent 76th edition of the Venice International Film Festival. 

The importance of skills  

«I think there’s a lot of do-it-yourself, a lot of women (and men) rely on superficial or even fake news they find online. Your body-care and, in particular, your face care, must be entrusted to professionals who know how to choose products and can teach you the correct procedures to follow at home, in order to further improve your skincare».

Marianna Miola, business owner

Furthermore, Marianna is addressing the problem of transmitting her knowledge thanks to the Academy named after her. The Marianna Miola Academy, in fact, provides training for many of her collaborators. 

«My parents were shocked … but they realized that when a person follows his or her passion with energy and enthusiasm, it’s easy to overcome all the struggles and difficulties. I have several projects in the pipeline such as opening many small places where my clients can be more comfortable».

Marianna Miola, business owner

She has major current and future projects aimed at consolidating her already thriving business. These projects are based on essential values: knowledge, taste and style. All refined by experience, research and interpretation of trends. 

Written by
Tommaso Lavizzari
Tommaso Lavizzari. Freelance Journalist, author and content creator. He was director of Sport Tribune and Soccer Illustrated. He speaks and writes about sports and lifestyle for various magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. He creates editorial content for different brands and companies. He published with Francesco Aldo Fiorentino "SURF. Big Wednesday 40 years later" for Mondadori Electa.
6 min read

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