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Surrealist masks: the Italian way

By Monica Camozzi
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Omaggio ad André Breton

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If we are going to wear masks, they’d better be surrealist

The Italians with their genius and intemperance have always expressed themselves with the unconventionality that comes from the artistic, imaginative, out-of-the-ordinary spirit. Then why should we be confined by a surgical mask?  A cool hunter, fashion expert, and event manager of important exhibitions from Tuscany has created a collection of surrealist masks. If we’re supposed to wear them all summer, then they better be original. 

Breton is the incipit

 The surrealist masks collection was born by the creativity of Tamara Nocco and begins with the Bouche de Nadja of Breton, leader of the surrealist manifesto, who says “c’est moi” or “it’s me”. Tamara embroiders the masks on wonderful fabric cuts, building them so that a technical fabric support can be inserted inside. After all, the surrealism inspired her to translate the alchemies of the dreams into reality. And the lockdown was like making dreams and nightmares come true. 

This is the moment to turn dreams into reality

Tamara Nocco

The surrealist masks tribute to René Magritte

Magritte’s hat that stays still in the sky almost lost in its immobility, yet serene. The mask is embroidered on pale yellow cotton with green apple, with powerful leaves.

Il cappello di Magritte

And then Harry Miller and Anaïs Nin, portrayed by Man Ray: the mask is hand-embroidered in silk with the same leaves that sprinkled Nin’s face in the photo. A hymn to love, to the metaphysical capacity of culture that frees us from reality and transforms it into a desire for beauty. 

Harry Miller e Anaïs Nin

Art as an infinite hotbed

And the fantasy floats like a marble on the inclined surface! The mask inspired by Jannis Ritzos is in deep blue colors, like a poem in which he praises the oceanic color. 

Ispirata alla poesia di Jannis Ritzos

The upcoming masks were inspired by Gertrude Stein’s poetry, by the rose in the poem Sacred Emily, the one that recites “Rose is a rose is a rose,” and that appeared in the book Geography and Plays in the early twentieth century.  

La mascherina Burlesque

There will also be masks in color fuchsia with Burlesque elastic bands, with oriental patterns and with delicate flowers.

Seta doppiata organza per i fiori orientali

 A floral print on silk fabric doubled with organza, which reveals the quality of the design and the materials in the sunlight. Gorgeous are also the ones with delicate polka dot on monochromatic silk. 

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
2 min read

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