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Mazay: «Music, DJing and football, my life».

By Marco Cresci
7 min read

Andrea Mazzantini aka Mazay is a living legend of electronic music. It all started as Pink is Punk, a famous duo of DJs named after the homonymous night in Milan where they were resident. From there he played all over Asia, toured America in support of Benny Benassi, opened the concert of Jovanotti in San Siro and also does the warm-up pre-match for AC Milan. Today Mazay is forging his true sonic identity, which continues the speech in which the straight bass drum joins rap or trap, but sung in Italian, and that will convey in his first project divided into volumes Goodvibes Club, anticipated by the singles Ombrellone Ghiacciato and the new Madre Mia feat. Edo Fendy. We had a chat with Mazay, creator of dancefloor anthems made in Italy that others abroad envy us.

Hi Andrea, how are you?

Mazay: «Hi Marco! Everything is fine! I’m cleaning the studio in Milan because now I’m also my own maid since I have free time in this period… Let’s say that without live shows, I’m screwed, and I had to make do with everything. But hopefully now, thanks to the vaccines, everything will speed up».

A year and a half ago, you started your own label – Stay Fresh. Tell me about this important chapter in your career and what made you do it?

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Mazay: «I always had the desire to open a label, but after embarking on this solo career as it wasn’t something I felt like doing. Then it happened that I met Giovanni Valle from Thaurus, and a sort of collaborative love was born where he gave me all his skills as an editor, and he is one of the most important in Italy. Then one day, he asked me: “But with all that you’ve done, how come you never opened your own label? I’ll help you”. In ten minutes, the label Stay Fresh was born because we both needed it. In fact, it includes both Thaurus and my editions». 

You recently released the single Madre Mia feat. Edo Fendi. How was this collaboration born, and will it be the anticipation of a more Italian project thinking also to the piece Ombrelloni Ghiacciati feat. Federico Secondomè?

Mazay: «I have known Edo Fendi since we played football together in the National Hip-Hop team because you know that I am a fanatic about music, DJing and football. With Edo, we immediately found each other on a personal level. One day, he came to my studio, and we did a session almost by chance, and it went well immediately; from there, we began to collaborate. Then, on paper, Edo Fendi is one of the trappers that fits very well on a straight bass drum, and we created this piece in no time. I have an album ready for him produced entirely by me that will be preceded by a single called Troppo Fresco

While Madre Mia is a song that with Ombrelloni Ghiacciati anticipates the first chapter of my album Goodvibes Club that will be divided into parts, Volume 1 includes 10 tracks. As for the Italian language, I can say that I’ve always been interested in it since with Pink Is Punk, we remixed Club Dogo rather than Negramaro. It has always been my dream to do something like Calvin Harris, something dance but more conceptual and less mainstream, with Italian artists. Combining the bass drum with trap is something that has always worked in my remixes. When I play them, the kids go crazy because it is the combination of two sounds with which they are familiar. Mazay was born with the intention of doing this crossover.

It seems to me that you prefer to give space to lesser-known artists rather than big names for your collaborations, and it is a very nice thing, in my opinion. How do you choose them?

Mazay: «I like to work with new artists, talents that haven’t been released yet. I like to give the chance to release good songs to those who don’t have their own space yet. I don’t want to worry about numbers anymore, that’s why the project is called Stay Fresh because freshness is always there. 

Goodvibes Club is the name of the new project divided into volumes, the first of which will be released in June. It is a title that relates to me a lot because I do not like negativity. Hence, the 10 tracks that make it up want to be a moment of leisure for those who will listen to them in the company on the beach or in the headphones alone. 

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There is also a dose of irony in these new songs. Perhaps we need it even more at this time…

For me making music is satisfaction, and I would like people to notice it. I feed on good vibes, and I look for them; then, being also a graphic designer, I enjoy creating the covers of my works, and I try to add an ironic side through the images. Let’s say it’s a project that I take care of 360°». 

You’ve traveled to many parts of the world for work. How much do you miss traveling, and which is the place that you carry in your heart?

Mazay: «I miss it like air. Last week I did a DJ set for Twitch in an indoor club, and I got excited just walking into a hotel. Not flying and not traveling was what I missed the most because thanks to music, I visited places I would probably never have been to, like South Korea, which is beautiful. I am in love with Indonesia, where I toured with Pink Is Punk and lived in Bali, one of my favorite places in the world. Asia is also my favorite place for both its culture and people».


What is the most amazing place where you’ve played?

Mazay: «More than a place I would say an experience: the tour in America with Benny Benassi. 14 dates in 20 days on the tour bus and it was the best experience of my life, also because in those days I felt like a fucking rock star especially when in Dallas we had the tour bus parked next to the ZZ Top one. Thank you, Benny!»


What is it like to play at the stadium before Milan football matches?

Mazay: «Sport, for me, is fundamental. In fact, I am a surfer, a footballer and a DJ, now more footballer than surfer because not traveling surfing in Italy is complicated. I went to live in Indonesia for surfing. Now I play 3 or 4 times a week football; it is my fuel before locking myself in the studio and do the life of a miner. Without this outlet would be difficult for me. I was lucky enough to be a milanista and to know people who work for the club who gave me the opportunity to do 15 minutes of warm-up with the team before the game, obviously when the stadium was full. A musical charge as a pre-match warm-up, when everyone is still happy, being on the sidelines with the console is a magical moment for me».

 The record you are most excited about playing today?

Mazay: «I would say Marea (We’ve lost dancing) by Fread Again… and The Blessed Madonna, there is a spoken intro that says that in pandemic we have lost the dance floor and then it starts, it is a club emotion piece, a potential hit of this year. I imagine everyone with their hands up when the beat starts, hopefully, we can play it soon».

Let’s finish with your origins. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Pink Is Punkis…?

Mazay: «Nino, Marcelo Burlon and I were playing with cdj100, and we had 600 CD’s each behind the bar. It’s funny today when you think about it, but we created something magical. I hope that the post-pandemic will bring back in people that same enthusiasm because I haven’t felt it very much in the last few years. Between reggaeton, trap and 90’s music, it was more of a search for tik tok than a set. I want to get back to dancing behind the console and sweating my ass off in front of people having a good time».

7 min read


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