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Microcosm-Great Wonder

By Sara Stefanovic
2 min read

On the occasion of the Earth Day, next April 22, Microcosm-Great Wonder, directed by Pascal Moret and Julien Guiol, will be available on Nexo +.

Nature is not an inexhaustible source of raw materials, it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

The new documentary on the new Nexo + platform opens with this claim, followed by incredible images. The camera follows two travelers as they rediscover the four elements and how nature, devoid of the potential for technological adaptation, always manages to adapt by exploiting earth, air, water and fire.

After 3 billion years of evolution, nature has created incredible mechanisms on a microscopic scale.

These mechanisms allow plants and animals around us to protect themselves, developing and coping with attacks from fire, air, soil and water. This “Microcosm” challenges our imagination with its beauty and intelligence.

Microcosmo-Grande Meraviglia

Today, some scientists have finally managed to unravel its mysteries by means of photonics. Thanks to the documentary Microcosm-Great Wonder, by Pascal Moret and Julien Guiol, we look for the microstructures that make the plants and animals that surround us so brilliant. They lead us to the discovery of the original solutions that nature has favored for its development and survival.

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The search for the microstructures that make the plants and animals around us so brilliant could help us to find original solutions that nature has favored for its development and survival.

This is incredibly valuable knowledge to be able to address the climate and environmental challenges that threaten us every day. The solutions adopted by nature to respond to its problems are the same that are currently posed to us. It is time to be inspired by the mycosm to build a more sustainable and ecological world.

Microcosmo-Grande Meraviglia

Microcosm-Great Wonder is proof that research can start from even the smallest things, from the study of dragonflies and skating insects, for example.

It is all about regaining possession of the observation of nature, a human characteristic par excellence, which has been lost over the years. Microcosm-Great Wonder is a trip with two experts, Serge Berthier and Bernd Schollhorn, who fascinate us with their knowledge.

Microcosmo-Grande Meraviglia

There are so many questions to be answered, how do animals protect themselves from UV rays? How will plants accustomed to cold climates adapt to global warming? This and much more awaits you only on Nexo +.

2 min read


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