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Milan digital fashion week? Oh yes!

By Monica Camozzi
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Alta Moda Dolce&Gabbana

Camera Moda launches Milan Digital Fashion week: 4 days of online fashion shows.

Four days of online appointments available 24 hours a day in various time zones, including the American one. The streaming partner is The New York Times. If the world turns to smart working, Camera Moda turns to the digital! And transforms the event thanks to the implementation of technology in Milan digital fashion week. And it isn’t any technology, but the one created by Accenture. The leading global professional service company has designed and developed the digital experience. Together with Microsoft, they created the new digital hub that will take the Italian fashion into the future. 

Milan digital fashion week

“Milan Digital Fashion Week was born as a solution to the social distancing and the difficulty of traveling imposed by the world health situation, but it also wants to be a dynamic solution to the complexities of the world today.”

Carlo Capasa

The Milan digital fashion week: fashion opens to the world from 14 to 17 July

Milan digital fashion week

The digital world is here to stay, even when we will return to physical events; therefore, it is an essential tool for promoting Made in Italy worldwide. This project is organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by ICE.

Milan digital fashion week

The official calendar, available on the Camera Moda website and constantly updated, will display Spring Summer 2021 menswear and men and womenswear pre-collections. The event will take place from 14 to 17 July and will feature the participation of 37 brands. It will include two live events: Dolce&Gabbana and Etro, while Armani confirms the physical event in September and transfers Haute Couture to Milan. 

Milan: a digital fashion week for the first time 

For the first time since its inception, Milan fashion week will happen inside a digital portal, creating a virtual meeting space. It had already happened last February with the “China We Are With You” project. It was a digital bridge built to allow professionals and the Chinese public to experience the fashion shows even when it was impossible to move. 

“Empowered by that experience, today we present a revolutionary project that can open up to new transversal audiences that shape the fashion community: the ones that bring together professionals and consumers, often young people who live fashion as an idiom of images and to whom CNMI proposes itself as an authoritative Fashion Translator of the fluid language of society and creativity.”

Carlo Capasa

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How will the Digital Fashion Week be organized?

Milan Digital Fashion Week is divided into various slots allowing each brand to use their space at their own pace to express their creativity and present the new collections. There will also be Luca Stoppini’s “thematic rooms” curated by individuals who will bring creativity on various levels between craftsmanship, technology, inclusion, and diversity. 

Milan digital fashion week

Also, an “institutional room” assigned to the American journalist Alan Friedman will be implemented to allow moments of dialogue with prominent figures in the political and business worlds. And what about emerging talents? There will be two specific areas dedicated for them: the International Hub Market, focused on scouting designers from all over the world; and Together for Tomorrow, a project launched in collaboration with Camera Moda Fashion Trust to support the next generation of designers into the fashion system. Even the showrooms will be able to choose whether or not to showcase to the general public or to reserve the details of the collections to professionals only.

In addition to MDFW, the talented director Sergio Salerni launches The Global Premiere. 

Sergio Salerni is a director, a creative visionary, and a brilliant demiurge of fashion shows, which the New York Times described as The Wizard behind Versace. In times of coronavirus, Salerni launches The Global Premiere – a new fashion show format that contains many shared experiences of fashion shows lived in separate places but… all together! Salerni has directed fashion shows for Versace, Valentino, and Dior with Gianfranco Ferré, and his reportage videos have traveled around the world.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Sergio-Salerni-1024x770.png

He has signed projects for many top brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel, and many emerging designers. And now he’s breaking down all the physical barriers. Since it will be difficult for many people to reach Milan and the other fashion capitals, he has created a format that will include a series of emotional events held in parallel, in different cities around the world and different time zones, which manage to replicate the desired style message for each show perfectly.

The even more revolutionary element is that guests will be physically present, and will be invited to participate with the same rituality as the main event, to fully experience the emotion even if from different places! 

The paper invitation, the locations really set up with sitting, music, lights, and special effects, the celebrities, and the front row… This will be the emotional setting that each guest can experience with all the pathos that a fashion show can generate. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, high definition 4K, and 8K video and projections on large screens, the main event will be filmed and broadcast in global live streaming. This will eliminate the distance between Milan, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, New York. In fact, each show will be experienced as one exceptional “Premiere.”

“The idea of The Global Première comes from the cinema, from the productions of the blockbusters and the premieres that accompany the films’ launch in the various world tours. At the center, there is the show, amidst music, fashion, emotional filming, and brand-new digital technologies. Journalists, opinion leaders, influencers, local celebrities, all live, meet physically without losing the magic of the event, and interact with each other creating a real boost typical of in-presence events”.

Sergio Salerni

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Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
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