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Milano System by Modula: a backpack without limits

By Editorial Team
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Modula Milano System

Modula Milano arrives on Kickstarter with Milano System, a brand new concept of backpack designed for everyday life. Milano System, in fact, is a modular backpack which adapts perfectly to any time of the day. It is a system to be composed according to your programs and commitments. A single solution for all moments and activities of the day.

Most urban nomads spend their days commuting between home and office, work and gym; or riding a bicycle to get to a co-working space, and then going out to dine with friends. In short, urban nomads live their lives to the fullest. The backpack therefore becomes crucial to bring along all the essentials.

However, the great variety of daily activities would often require an excessive load or the use of many different bags, one for each need.

«This is how the idea of creating an ultra-versatile and modular backpack was born; combining the most requested features on the market with Italian aesthetics and carefully selected materials».

Dario Ruggeri, CEO of Modula Milano

You can support this project on Kickstarter and book your backpack before everyone else. Click here.

Milano System by Modula Milano is inspired by the urban environment, it boasts a minimalist design and clean and elegant lines. It is a reliable and resistant modular system for those who are always on the move.

«This is the reason why we pay great attention to the design phase and to the stylistic idea behind the products; we want to offer exceptional functionality, durability, comfort and a timeless design. We don’t believe in short-term trends, we believe in a function-oriented design that will stand the test of time and last for more than a season».

Alex Feriotto , Head Designer Modula Milano

Milano System on Kickstarter with an international award

Milano System debuts on Kickstarter with an award which is worth being proudly exhibited. Modula Milano, in fact, was awarded the Golden A ‘Design Award in the Fashion and Travel Accessories Design category by the International Design Academy.

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You can support this project on Kickstarter and book your backpack before everyone else. Click here.

The highly demanding jury of the A ‘Design Award & Competition selected Milano System. The jury was made up of influential members of the press; established designers; academic leaders and important entrepreneurs from all over the world. In short, one of the major world competitions has decided to reward the Made in Italy and the innovation of Modula Milano. An award that represents, for its prestige, a guarantee of quality, excellence and innovation.

In the name of Made in Italy

An award won in the name of Made in Italy and innovation. Modula Milano, in fact, is a young, multi-ethnic company who wanted to focus on a Premium collection, a range of products conceived to meet the needs of urban nomads in the main smart cities in the world. Without forgetting its Italian and Milanese roots, of course.

«Our story began in Milan, the city that inspired us. Here we have combined our nomadic spirit with the desire to create products that would encourage people to embrace a dynamic lifestyle. Our performance backpacks will adapt to any situation; allowing you to unleash your cosmopolitan soul and live every day to the fullest. A single backpack, infinite possibilities».

Dario Ruggeri, CEO of Modula Milan
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It goes without saying that Milano System is 100% Made in Italy. It combines the excellence of Italian craftsmanship with innovation, through the selection of high-performance technical materials. The top quality materials have been carefully selected in order to be synonymous with functional beauty. A brave project that has become reality during the pandemic, whose uncertainties have not undermined the idea of Modula Milano and Nino Colnaghi, a business angel who strongly believes in this start-up.

Low impact, especially in the long run

Made in Italy, sustainability and high-performance materials are therefore at the service of an innovative and versatile backpack. A backpack with a reduced impact on the environment, especially in the long run.

Thanks to its modularity, Milano System allows constant and continuous customization.

This feature makes it a life companion with an evergreen design: you won’t need another backpack. But producing high-quality products that last a lifetime isn’t easy. It is a path that requires small steps towards true sustainability: a modular product that lasts forever.

Modula Milano System

«For us, the careful selection of all suppliers and industrial plants is essential. It is the result of targeted research and quality controls that respect our code of ethics. Furthermore, by choosing only European suppliers and Italian factories, we are committed to always having a lower impact and therefore to being more sustainable also at a social level».

Alex Feriotto, Head Designer Modula Milan

The focus on the environment, for Modula Milano, therefore begins with the supply of raw materials themselves. These must not only meet the required limits, but also meet international standards.

Modula Milano System

Milano System: the first modular backpack

Elegant, versatile and 100% Made in Italy, Milano System is a modular urban backpack designed to be functional. Its exclusive modular design meets all the needs of a life on the go. The clean design in lightweight nylon and embossed hi-tech fabrics gives it an urban, cool and timeless touch.

Modula Milano System

Whether you are traveling to the office, going to the gym or simply walking around the city, Milano System will adapt with a simple click.

You can combine different modules, which can be easily attached and detached from the core pack. This operation is very simple thanks to Fidlock’s innovative hooks and magnetic closures.

Modula Milano System

Milano System: designed to last

Milano System is made to withstand all life. The materials are highly performing; certified as top of their category. We are also talking about sustainable production, of course, with local companies whose production has a lower environmental impact.

Milano System, by Modula Milano is designed to last, starting with the choice of materials, because this helps to reduce waste.

The range of Cordura nylon fibers and fabrics, for example, are innovative materials used for high performance technical products. Durability is the strong point of these materials, which are also implemented for military purposes, being water repellent, and boasting excellent resistance to tears, scratches and abrasions. In short, a product that lasts over time.

Modula Milano System

The innovative Fidlock products, on the other hand, are synonymous with safety and practicality. They are based on a unique and award-winning technology, which revolutionizes conventional fastening systems, hooks and closures.

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Finally, the elegance and comfort of Made in Italy can be noted in the details that finally make the difference. The leatherette inserts are by Lyliane from the Lorenzi company. A polyurethane fabric that gives an elegant style and guarantees high technical performance. Some details, on the other hand, are made of rubberized Orca fabric. It is a highly technical material, also used in the military field and resistant to different temperatures.

You can support this project on Kickstarter and book your backpack before everyone else. Click here.

6 min read


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