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Mio Cugino Alfredo comes from America

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Mio cugino Alfredo

Mio Cugino Alfredo brings a line of hamburgers with a fine dining soul to Milan. The buns, sauces and chips are homemade, and the meats are chosen among the best in Italy. What’s more, the preparations range from the great classics to creative combinations, passing through the true flavors of the cuisine of Central and Southern Italy. 

Mio cugino Alfredo has just arrived from America. He has settled into the kitchen and has already conquered Milan with seven different hamburgers: all with an American spirit and Italian flavor. Alfredo Giolina and Gelsomina’s cousin, the successful pizzeria and pastry shop created by Stefano Saturnino and Ilaria Puddu.

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Mio Cugino Alfredo offers an all-Italian reinterpretation of the typical American hamburger with selected raw materials, with the highest quality and strictly seasonal. Bread, sauces and chips are all homemade, according to tradition.

Mio cugino Alfredo arrived at Giolina’s to celebrate his two years in the business, renovating the kitchen and expanding his workshop.

Mio cugino Alfredo, exclusively high-quality ingredients.

For an exceptional hamburger, you need great buns. So, Mio Cugino Alfredo has created their own bun together with pizza maker and baker Danilo Brunetti of Giolina.


Mio cugino Alfredo

Prepared with stone-ground Petra flour from Molino Quaglia, the dough is ready after a long natural leavening process that gives the bun softness and crunchiness. Soon they will also offer buns with sourdough. Mio cugino Alfredo also dresses their burgers with delicious homemade sauces, prepared in Giolina’s kitchen, including Alfredo sauce, a smoked sauce with a secret recipe.

Mio cugino Alfredo

A few but great meats. The Giovenca Sannita meat, for starters, is a young 14-32-month-old scottona born and raised in the Sannio region of Southern Italy, paired with organic black Lucano pork sausages. While for fans of authentic flavors, they offer sandwiches with cheddar, caramelized onions, coppery tomato, lettuce; BBQ sauce with cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce and Alfredo sauce; even richer is the burger with asparagus and crispy bacon that is topped with sweet paprika mayonnaise.

My cousin Alfredo creates sandwiches inspired by tradition. 

As with Giolina’s pizzas, Mio Cugino Alfredo’s menu includes sandwiches inspired by the culinary traditions of central and southern Italy. The hamburger with cream of red dates, baked eggplant, smoked provola d’Agerola, lettuce and Parmigiano Reggiano cream; the tasty variant that drawns on Lazio cuisine with Roman artichokes, DOP caciocavallo cheese, capocollo, lettuce and yellow date ketchup. 

Mio cugino Alfredo

Mio Cugino Alfredo’s burgers are already available exclusively on Ubereats with a 50% off launch promotion, with takeaway service from the restaurant in Milan. 

Rounding out the Mio Cugino Alfredo menu are the two creative sandwiches with organic black pork sausage from Basilicata combined with caciocavallo DOP, potatoes and turnip tops with Calabrian ’nduja mayonnaise; and the fried chicken breast combined with avocado, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and honey-mustard sauce. Alongside the sandwiches, you can’t miss the excellent artisanal chips, crispy and colorful sweet potato and sweet red potato rounds.

Mio cugino Alfredo

Giolina: pizza and cocktails with a Milanese and rock ‘n’ roll soul

Giolina is the second in a family of venues that have changed the face of pizzerias in Milan in recent years. Opened in 2019, it is the rock&chic little sister of Gelsomina, a refined pastry shop in Southern Italy and a culinary cult spot that offers breakfasts and lunches with a southern warmth. Da Giolina, on the other hand, lives the soul of Greater Milan. The shelves are full of books, the piano, the vintage chandeliers and the spirit of the urban nomad.

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The protagonist is pizza. Or rather, a delicious and unique Lombard declination of Neapolitan pizza. Giolina is known for its crispy, soft crust and fragrant, satisfying dough. Its unique ingredients are all Italian micro-excellences; and for the pairing with selected wines and signature drinks, which evoke the great history of Milan as a drinking city. Giolina celebrates two years since its opening, expanding the kitchen and the laboratory; in order to enrich both the proposals of new and creative pizzas – many new products will arrive by summer – and to welcome Alfredo’s line of burgers.

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Stefano Saturnino and Ilaria Puddu: soul and cör of Giolina, creators of some of the gastronomic formats that have redesigned the Milanese pop restaurant scene.

Ilaria and Stefano put in Giolina all their passions: good food, good drinks, reading, the aesthete in them, the part that loves culture and art. 

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Both of us are in love with characters like Tarantino, Elvis, Bukowski; we want to imagine ourselves on the tables of Giolina with them, chatting and drinking whiskey.

Ilaria Puddu

They are considered the rock soul of the new Milanese food, which has changed the city’s face with its venues. Since 2015 they have been anticipating the trends, creating some of the successful gastronomic formats that have redesigned the city. Stefano, together with Ilaria and other partners, has created as many as 47 venues and ten brands. In each new creation, they put a bit of themselves and their rebellious and dreamy souls; taking care of all the details that can make the perfect restaurant; accompanying it step by step, in its growth, progress and menu; going through the suppliers; the kitchen, the room, human resources, external relations, packaging and communication.

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