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Moncler Born to Protect: sustainable capsule

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moncler born to protect

Moncler confirms its commitment to the environment. The brand launched the capsule collection Moncler Born to Protect: a selection of jackets for men, women and children made entirely from sustainable materials.

The clothes of the collection are a concrete expression of the Moncler Born to Protect strategic sustainability plan announced in October 2020. Jackets express the vision of Remo Ruffini’s brand that continues to move decisively towards a circular economy, and their construction represents three of the five pillars of the plan: fight against climate change, circular economy, responsible supply chain.

moncler born to protect

Moncler Born to Protect: an entirely sustainable capsule collection

All the fabrics and accessories used for the jackets are recycled, with the sole exception of the down. This guarantees a reduction of roughly 40% of CO₂ emissions. Buttons and zippers are made of Econyl®, regenerated nylon derived from waste materials recovered from the oceans and land. As with all Moncler apparel, the down used is a byproduct of the food chain. Everything is certified according to the DIST (Down Integrity System & Traceability) protocol. Through blockchain, it ensures, throughout the supply chain, the traceability of the raw material and high breeding standards thanks to a scientific approach. 

Moncler Born to Protect jackets are available in a single color variant, black. Respect for the environment is a principle that involves everyone, always. For this reason, the jackets have been made in color suitable for any occasion. The Moncler Born to Protect logo embellishes the outside, while on the inside, there’s the Monduck, the duck mascot that appears on the linings of Moncler jackets since the Sixties telling a story of sustainability. 

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The search for sustainable materials also extends to the packaging. All paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and additionally, the paper used for shopping bags and gift boxes is also recycled.     

Men’s jackets range from the full-body protection of the Nicaise model to the silhouette enhanced by a large pocket of the Gaite; and the versatile Dabos with detachable hood and sleeves. The women’s selection includes the classic Teremba down jacket, the Lemenez long jacket, and Gatope, with its comfortable cuts at the hips. The Gaite and Lemenez models are also available in children’s sizes for future planet advocates, while Hasan is the mini option for babies.

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