Monday Song: 5 by Bob Dylan

By Stefano Nappa
3 min read

Bob Dylan was not born in New York but the city welcomed him as if it had given him life. We’ve been to Greenwich Village, we’ve been there over and over but we’ve never understood why the hell they did a Bob Dylan cover there as if it were Abbey Road by The Beatles. New Yorkers, especially those of Manhattan, don’t even call it by its full name, for them it’s just “village”.

However, there is still a bit of a bluesy atmosphere in this area, even if the times and musical genres have completely changed. At Cafe Wha? there are people who will still point you to exactly where Bob Dylan used to park his Triumph. Here, for a while after his arrival, he played for $ 1 a night.

Bob Dylan
The place is called Cafe but you can’t have breakfast there because it opens only from 8pm to 3am in the morning. Still, riding that bike, Dylan had brought all the Mississippi blues to the big apple.

Going south of the United States of America, as well as trying to hit the spots on the Mississippi Blues Trail isn’t easy. The latter is a sort of very long route that touches various cities, not only in the state of Mississippi, but literally in all the most significant places in the history of BLUES, it is the U.S. Route 66 of music.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s voice is so bluesy that at every pitch you can hear and absorb every kilometer born in the late twenties and early thirties.

In the Village Gate, passing by Bleecker Street, at number 158, you can find a nightclub which hosted several popular music, jazz and theater important figures.

In 1962, however, in the basement of the building lived Chip Monck, a friend of Bob Dylan who saw him writing A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall. Small parenthesis, Monck began his career at the Gate and then closed it as a teacher at Woodstock in 1969.
Bob Dylan

In the same street, at 147, the small disco The Bitter End used to host hootenannies” every Tuesday evening. Folk artists went on the stage and did their best. In the mid-70s the Rolling Thunder Revue was born, with musicians such as Roger McGuinn, founder of the Byrds and the divine Joni Mitchell.

Bob Dylan passed by in 1975 while recording Desire, which contains the wonderful song Hurricane.

On Mondays it is always difficult to get into first gear in the morning, perhaps an extra cup of coffee would be needed, always quoting a song by the rock poet. So in short today let’s start the day with: When You Gonna Wake Up, Hurricane, Like a Rolling Stone, Blowin’ In The Wind, False Prophet + My Own Version Of You.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

3 min read


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